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Baby development

Hi ladies
Just thought it would be interesting to see how our babies are getting on.

Issy is 33 weeks now and weighs 16lbs 14oz.
She is desperately trying to crawl. SHe can get from sitting over onto her tummy and then up onto all fours. So far she can only manage backwards or circles! haha! I'm sure she'll go forwards soon enough and then i'll be wishing she'd sit still.

She is doing great with her food and has 3 good meals a day as well as her milk feeds. She loves feeding herself finger foods etc but gets in a right mess if I dare to give her a spoon !!!

She doesn't have any teeth yet although she seems to have been teething for months now! There is a tiny white speck on the bottom left so hopefully she'll have one soon.

She now says "dada" all day long! I'm trying to teach her mama, but with no joy yet! haha!

Would love to hear what you little ones are up to now.



  • Hi!

    Lily doesn' crawl yet but does push up onto her hands and sort of moves back and forwards rocking styleee!lol

    She has 3 meals a day and 3 milk feeds of 7/8 oz at each. She too loves finger foods, eg:toast,baby rice cakes, corn rings, carrot sticks but like Issy give her a spoon and its a tad messy so i stay in control of that part!

    She doesnt have any teeth yet but has been teething since about 17weeks and still nothing - although she did have a white dot on her gum for about 2 weeks that i swore was going to be a tooth but it had disapeared!!! ?

    She spends the days gargling reallly loud, blowing raspberries (really loud in morrisons may i add) and saying "dada" i too am trying the "mam, mama, mama" all day long but she laughs and says dada!

  • Harry's sitting by himself, loving his foods and rolling all over the house!.

    He too is getting up onto all fours but is only able to go backwards, however, he is an active sleeper and gets into all sorts of positions, I sat and watched him one night and he can crawl in his sleep!!!!!!! no joke I put him down on his back he fell asleep, snoring his head off, rolled onto is front up onto all fours and crawled to the top of the cot where he put his hands out to the side knees tucked under and spent the rest of the night sleeping with his bum sticking up in the air!

    This now seems to be an every night ocurrance but othing during the day. He's been saying dada for ages and honeslty my husband swears that he said sh*te the other day! his other fav words appears to be ta and sha.

    He also discovered a babywalker on Wed at toddlers, not something I personally would have, but he went in it for 20mins at toddlers and by the end managed to get it moving (backwards) he thought this was great fun

    We're both choked with the cold at the mo and I don't think our unsuccessful shopping trip to dundee yesterday helped either of us. as it was peeing down with rain, oh well never mind 12 sleeps then were off to sunny spain!!!!!!

  • Great post!

    Cailey is 31 wks tomorrow, she weighed just over 26lb 2 weeks ago! Yeh shes a chunky lil lass haha, wearing 12-18 months clothes which she is just about out of, so another shopping trip needed!

    She sits unaided, but wont roll over, she hates tummy time! She also wont stand taking her weight, I think this could possibly be to do with her toes! She sits in her baby walker with her feet up on the bars lol, so cant move it yet!

    She loves her food, started weaning in January and she now eats most things! Some things I am kinda weary of though! She still very much loves her milk!

    We go to toddlers on a Wed and she goes to baby swimming on a Fri which she absolutely loves!

    She has 2 teeth, bottom at the front! The last couple of days she has been saying 'iya' which sounds like hiya, and dada.

  • Ah, I love hearing how they're all doing! What clever babies we have.
  • Fab idea!

    Grace was a September baby due to being 15 days late, and will be 28 weeks on Monday. She was last weighed at 26+1 and was 20lbs 2oz. She is between the 91st and 98th centiles for weight the 98th for height! She was 9lb 6oz at birth and 57cm so has always being on the heavier/ longer side.

    Like Issy, she is desperate to crawl! She hasn't managed it yet although she can roll from one side of the room to the other if the mood takes her image She happily sits and hates to be laid down (so bedtime is now a nightmare again).

    I started weaning Grace at 4m and she loves most things. She has 3 meals a day, 1 snack and 3 bottles, from which she drinks 6-8oz usually. I give finger foods for one meal a day and her favourites are pitta, toast, naan, cheese, ham, chicken and pieces of cooked carrot, pepper or cucumber. I am still learning on the cooked meals!

    We go to Rhythm Time on Mondays and Water Babies on Saturdays so daddy can come too. We see my mum once or twice a week but I am usually at a bit of a loose end on a couple of days.

    Grace has had her two bottom teeth in the middle since 4.5 months and is still teething but no sign of the others!

    She is also saying 'dada' but no sign of 'mama'! During the 50 minute drive to my mum's this morning she said dada constantly. I am persevering with the mama, lol!

    As I mentioned, she hates going to bed, and am not really sure what to do about this. I can't leave her as she will scream until she's sick. She is definitely more determined and wilful now she's older! So, I need to crack bedtime and also get out a bit more.

    It's lovely to hear how we are all getting on

    Em xx
  • Great post....

    Alfie is almost 7 & 1/2 months about 21lb (I've lost count in weeks!) and is a typical lazy boy! He can roll although most of the time he can't be bothered and he hates tummy time. He much prefers to do 360 degree turns and bodypopping. He loves thumping his feet heavily on the floor when he's lay down and then plants his feet on the floor and does hip thrusts. At this point I usually end up singing either 'Call on me' (Eric Prydz) or 'Push It' (Salt n Pepa) - showing my age now eh?

    He is getting better at sitting up although still can't sit unaided but I think it's only a matter of time now. Saying that though he can go from being lay down and lurch upwards to a sitting position virtually yet can't hold it. I keep laughing saying he's going to have a 6-pack stomach.

    He hasn't got any teeth yet but like others, has shown signs of teething for ages. Apparently when I was a baby I didn't get any teeth until nearly a year old so we think he takes after me.

    He recognises nursery rhymes and the motions that go with them and gets poised ready for the actions.

    He has a language all of his own which I find hilarious at times. We think he's started saying 'dada', 'hiya' and 'kyla' (the name of my dog).

    As for feeding, he's on 3 meals a day and he loves his food. Only problem is he appears to be bored of milk! I've tried everything - changing the times I offer it, changed teat size and even tried a different brand in case he was bored. I get as much into him as he will allow but he's an absolute bugger. I give him finger food but he isn't too keen on anything he has to chew. I'll keep persevering though.

    It's lovely hearing all these 'development' stories. The active sleeping, messy feeders, cursing babies and supermarket warblers are all funny. Keep 'em coming!

    Shell xx
  • We've got some right little charcters on our hands by the sounds of it! haha!
    Issy also slams her legs down on the floor when she's lay down Shell and she pelvic thrusts lol! She's a really active baby and rolls around all day long. She can sit well unaided but does occasionally throw herself backwards so I always put cushions around her. She loves to stand aswell and pulls herself up onto her feet. She's got sturdy little legs.
    They all do things at such different rates don't fascinates me.
  • I kept worrying that he wasn't/isn't developing as quick as others but like you say they develop at different rates.
    I remember when the HV was talking about development when he was a few wk old and she asked if he'd started fisting? The look on my face must've been priceless! Had to hang my head to try and hide my grin. That'll be the 'schoolboy - toilet - humour' that my mum says I have!

    Shell xx
  • Ah what a lovely post!

    Well Fred is officially barking! Clearly nothing to do with my genes, must be all down to his dad! He's completely manic most of the time, he NEVER stops moving, rocking, rolling, trying to catapult himself from lying down to sitting and never succeeeding and lots and lots of banging both legs down hard. I can hear him anywhere in the house when he does it in his cot!

    He shrieks at everything! Lights, TV, TV pressy, phones and me when I leave the room. he sings at the top of his voice, long tuneless, high pitched songs of his own making. He blows raspberries all day long and at the mo his favourite thing is to purse his lips together looking like he's going to kiss you.

    He's still only wee, he's 7 mths and 9 days and was last weighed 3 weeks ago and was 13lb 7oz. i think he may have lost weight since then as he went right off his food last week and was only taking around 10-12 oz of milk a day and the occasional yoghurt. He's still not back right again and is refusing any kind of mushed savoury food, but loves anything crunchy and adores bread! I reckong it's all to do with his teeth which still show no signs of popping through.

    He is sitting unaided now but not showing any signs of walking at all, infact if you hold him standing he bounces as if he's in his Jumperoo, so is now Freddo Frog to everyone!

    He is a very good night sleeper, usually having 11- 12 hours uninterrupted but he's been a bit erratic this last week or so. he's still not great at napping in the day, he needs rocking to sleep and once down, rarely has longer that 30 mins.

    He's also taken quite a dislike to his carseat and never sleeps in it. he cries as if he's being murdered if he's in it any longer than 20 mins so we sing endless Old Macdonald Has A Farm cos he loves the animal noises! Obviously, I get odd looks wherever we go oinkinhg and mooing away!

    he's just the best thing that I've ever done and I love him more and more everyday!


  • Haha Shell. If it helps, that would have been my reaction too haha.

    My LO is 32 1/2 weeks (just had to check the calender on that one!) and is 16lb something (I am about to move house tomorrow and can't find my red book anywhere!) I think 16lb 3oz but don't quote me. She is sitting up really well and is so trying to crawl. She does that caterpillar movement and ends up going backwards and to the side. She gets quite frustrated with that sometimes haha. Poor thing.

    She has been teething for ever and still has no teeth. When I say teething, she has not been particularly bad with it so far. Just needed some calpol from time to time but not been bothered really, which suggests to me that I will really know when she is actually about to cut teeth!

    I swear she has already said mama. I swear it. And the other day while watching Waybaloo (I promise the TV isn't a babysitter, but the bedtime hour is a major part of the bedtime routine) she said 'Jo' which is either Yogo or Yojojo, or it could have been a random sound and I may be thinking way too much of this.

    She has 4 milk feeds a day, two in the morning of 4oz each and two in the afternoon/bedtime of 6oz. The two in the middle are from a sippy cup and the other two are bottles.

    She often sleeps on her tummy and now I just let her. The first few times I risked waking her to roll her over but now I just let her do it. She sleeps so much better on her front, and now naps anything up to an hour and a half so she must just be comfier doing this. She went into her big cot in her own room about a month ago now and thinks all the cool kids wake at around 5.40am, have a very loud play til about 7am and then sleeps til 8am, around the time that her mummy can't get back to sleep for haha. Little trouble maker x
  • Great post Sapphire! Nice to see all of our lovely babies progress. Jack is exactly the same age as Alfie as they were born on the same day and must have been be a lazy boys day! He doesn't roll and doesn't like tummy time just sort of snuffley snots on the carpet and humps the floor! lol (typical man!) He can sit unaided over the last few days but cant be trusted not to keel over. ha ha.

    He lurves his jumperoo and like Fred, jumps when you put him on his feet (back breaking!!!! )

    He's doing ok with food and on 2 meals and one finger food meal per day. Loves his bottles and he's still draining 4x8oz bottles per day. Tried to drop his 11am or 3pm bottle but he has none of it. He still plays with food so not pushing him.

    He's got 4 teeth already and 2 on the way.... bottom front 2 are fully thru and so cute and white. Top 2 are through but still wee and the bottom 2 next to the front ones are almost through.

    He sleeps beautifully and he's so good. He is developing a little personality and we call him cheeky chops! He's my perfect little boy, just like his big bro image

    K xxx
  • Just wondering.... does anyone else's baby hold their breath? Alfie does it to amuse himself. He takes a sharp intake of breath, makes a funny groany - creaky noise and then blasts his breath out and bodypops frantically whillst doing an evil forced laugh?? Strange child!

    I reckon if we were to capture these moments on video we'd all make a fortune!

    Shell xx
  • Slippers your post is so funny!

    Well my little Roisin is doing well. Not had her weighed for a while (I'm getting a bit over-confident haha) but from my bathroom scales think she's around the 19/20 pound mark. She's v long, taller than all the babas her age at the children's centre.

    She started rolling at 7 months TO THE DAY (on mothers day which was lovely) and now does it constantly, non-stop, arrrrrgh! Before she did she hated tummy time but now there's no stopping her! She lies on her tummy waggling both legs furiously wondering why she's not going anywhere! A while until she'll crawl I suspect ... She can sit unaided but is still very prone to keeling over so needs surrounded by lots of cushions at the moment! Her big thing is babbling, she honestly thinks she can fully talk! She's very verbal and very interactive. We actually share a laugh and a joke together quite often! She's a massive smiler/laugher.

    She has slept 12 hours a night from 4 months and likes 2 long daytime naps, woo hoo! She is currently cutting tooth number 2, poor baba but has been so good about it image

    Food wise she's on 3 meals and 4 5oz bottles a day. She'll pretty much hoover anything up!

    Her favourite things are my mobile phone, the remote control, my laptop, my jewellery, basically anything that isn't a toy or that she shouldn't have. I'm absolutely, totally and utterly besotted with her. I'll shut up now as could write about her all nightimage

  • Haha! Littlerose, Issy is exactly the same with my mobile/remote/keys/laptop etc. She gets really mad with me when I give her one of her toys instead like i'm fobbing her off! I've even bought her a little pink toy phone from Tesco but she still prefers mine even tholugh hers plays tunes and everything! lol!
    I love hearing how all you gorgeous little ones are doing. I too could gush on about Issy all day. I have to restrain myself. image
  • All babies love gadgets dont they? Jack also looks at me in disguat when I try and give him one of his toys instead of my mobile or sky remote! I was just thinking Sapphire that we could make a fortune out of making baby toys that looked like adults. They say they like bright colours, but think they're really little magpies for shiny stuff! lol

    Dragons Den - here we come!
    K x
  • HI Girls -

    What a lovely post!
    All our gorgeous August buba's aree doing so well.

    Well my little monkey sounds a lot like harsmum and slippers littleones!!

    Harrison is officially crazy!! But I wouldn't have it any other way - it makes my life so interesting as I NEVER know what he's going to do next.

    He's 7 months next week (no idea how many weeks) and 5 weeks ago weighed 18lb 6oz but he's shot up since then and I reckon is a good 21lb's - I can barely carry him in his car seat now!

    He doesn't ahve any teeth yet but I wish they'd hurry up!!

    Harrison started rolling at 13 weeks and always loved tummy time and still does. He started to sit unaided from 5 months.

    He isn't happy beng still and was trying to crawl for about a month before eventually mastering it a week ago (so at 6 1/2 months) and is a little whirlwind now.

    He prefers to be stood up though and will stand and hold his weight aginst the furniture and has one of those walker things you pusg along - though obviously cant go anywhere.

    He never stops moving and we were getting worried for a while as he is SO active in his sleep - going up onto all fours, rolling, flipping over backwards!! etc but we've gotten used to it now and its just him.

    He's an ok eater but its hard feeding him in public, even when he is hungry, as he is so nosey and cant concentrate on one thing and is all over the place.
    Sleep wise every night is different - some he'll have 10 hours others he'll wake every hour e.g this week we've had 3 awful nights and 3 fab ones! No idea why.
    We are finding it difficult weaning him in terms of his allergies. There is bloody milk in everything!!! He is completely allergic to dairy products but our local sainsburys have been fab and now has a massive free from aisle, so thats good - just so expensive!

    Anyway, I've gone on a bit too much.
    Its been lovely reading all the updates!!

  • Wow Lisa, H is v advanced!

    Kirsty- I swear I'd been cooking up exactly the same idea myself - let me come in on your pitch! x
  • Fantastic thread, I've loved reading this!
    Orla is still a lightweight, haven't had her weighed for a while but I think she must be around 13 and a half pounds now.
    She can roll and go around in circles but is getting very frustrated that she can't quite crawl yet. She also loves to stand. I can put her against the bouncer and she will stand for ages on her own, it's very cute but a little odd to see because she is still so small! All day long she is babbling and calling for 'Dada' which melts hubby's heart. No teeth yet which is fine by me as we are still bf. She is on 3 meals a day plus snacks. I'm making all her food because she seems to have a milk protein allergy, still waiting for testing.
    Orla is a little clinger to me. I can't leave her side or go out of the room without her becoming hysterical! And she is really getting a right temper on her. If I take the remote or my phone from her she screams at me!

    Cat & Orla xxx
  • Ah they're all doing so well! Some live wires too I see.image

    littlerose- it's a deal! Lets get our pitch prepared honey! Jack always wants anything that's not brightly coloured! Silver and black things are his favourite, mainly remote controls, my mobile and laptop he also likes household appliances in silver including the tumble dryer door and the fridge! He's mesmerized by the microwave and have even set it away to sterilise again for an extra minute or so, just to keep him amused until his bottle is ready! ha ha

    He goes crazy for the remote and anytime I fob him off with his toys, he gets upset. Wonder what the fascination is? Must be a science behind it when they're all the same??? May just be that they copy us and want what we have?

    Would be great if we started a born August range! lol x
  • Ah this thread is so cute!

    Isla is another lover of the remote and my phone! But her favourite toy is her big brother who sings to her all day! She is happy just to watch him and I think they will definately be friends for life!

    I've not had her weighted for months but she is eating really well and seems happy so I'm giving the screaming baby clinic a miss!

    She is also very happy to be looked after by our parents and spends all day with my mum while I work.

    Anna x
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