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Morning ladies

Just wanted you to be the first people I tell about my BFP. Was due AF on Thurstday 25th, and when she didn't turn up I did a test and got the faintest line ever that you had to squint to see it, so I did another and this time it was a lot more obvious that it was BFP. so just to be sure I did another one yesterday mornign and got a very very very obvious line, which is still there today, where the other two had faded over the course of a few hours.

The most I could be is 2 weeks so I'm really trying not to get too excited as I know it is very early days, and we have decided not to tell family or friends until after the first scan. I just can't help feeling negative and worrying all the time. DH is getting fed up of me saying 'well it's early days, anything could happen' and has told me to stop being so negative, but I know through being on here that even getting to the 12 week point, where it's considered less likely to MC, doesn't mean anything as some of the ladies have lost babies far later than that.

Will I ever stop worrying? cos I keep thinking that I will only stop panicking when I'm holding baby.

Sorry to rant, just really scared now that it's happened, and I know I'm so lucky to have got PG so soon after MC but I'm terrified :\(



  • Congratulations! And you can be 4 weeks now! (you are counted pregnant from your last period date) I hope you have a happy and healthy 8 months to go! When is your due date?
    Hopefully some more of us will join you in your due in forum!
  • Thanks hun.

    If I'm classed as 4 weeks then I should be due around xmas eve, which is not going to be nice for baby, lol. But as long as all is ok I don't care when I have it, lol.

    Don't think I'm ready to leave here just yet so will be hanging around for a bit, and I want to make sure everyone else is getting BFP's as well :\)

    I have my fingers crossed that everyone will be having either xmas babies or new year babies :\)

  • many congratulations...... i think you will get more positive with time. Hope you have an amazing 9 months x
  • Congratulations.

    Sending you lots of positive vibes.

    Have a happy and healthy 9 months xx
  • congratulations!!
    quite alot of people are falling preg this month!!
  • Thank you ladies :\)

    Just hope I've got a sticky bean this time :\?

  • Congrats Sammi!
    Keeping my fingers crossed it's a super sticky bean image
  • Congratulations xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Congratulations!! Zxxxx
  • Huge huge congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Huge huge congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yay!! add one more to the list! congrats i knew this month was going to be lucky!!
  • Yay thats ace news! Totally understand why you are being cautious at the moment, I think I will only stop worrying when I have a wiggly baby in my arms. xxx
  • Congratulations hun xx
  • Congratulations! That would be the best Christmas present ever!!!
  • Huge congratulations and hope your bean is a sticky one! x x
  • congratulations!
  • Wow! Fab news, congratulations and I hope to join you soon! xx
  • That is fantastic news S&H!!!

    It's normal to worry. I'm in same boat. I feel so incredibly lucky to have caught so soon too. It took us 13 cycles, fertility tests and allsorts last time, so I was and still am shocked.

    What's your EDD? I recon if AF were due 25th it'd be about the 4th Dec? x
  • Morning ladies

    Thank you so much for your lovely replies and support.

    M&S I won't stop worrying either until I can give baby a big kiss and a cuddle, it doesn't feel real and I can't imagine myself being pregnant again.

    Fairy, I'm not 100% on EDD, I'm at docs today so will see what he says, but I think around the 4th or 6th December. I worked it out the other day from being 2 weeks PG as I know when I was OV, but doc will work it from first day of last AF, so he will say I'm 4 or 5 weeks now, not 2-3.

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