Belated birthday wishes to Ophelia

Hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend, happy first birthday!xx


  • happy belated birthday Ophelia xx
  • aah thanks guys! we had a busy day at the zoo on saturday, and then a little party today. I'm knackered! xxxx
  • Which zoo did you go to? We were going to take max to Chester zoo but only had an afternoon so thought we'd save it for the summer when we could make a full day of it xx
  • Happy birthday Ophelia image
  • Happy Birthday Ophelia ! I bet the zoo was a lot of fun. We are going to take Freya over Easter. xx
  • We went to Howletts zoo - in Kent. She had a really nice time but the enclousures are quite big so she couldnt always see the animals. A few months ago we went to a bird park which had goats and llamas and racoons etc.... and i think she preffered that as they were closer she could see better! But it was a lovely day out, and the weather stayed nice! xx
  • aww, little O, we were gonna take austin to howletts on his birthday, but went to wealdon woodlands at herne instead, want to take him to wingham bird park soon too, haven't been there for years...and i too thought about how the small little wire fences wld let him see much more there, wealdon woodlan,ds has big wooden fences with the occasional glass panel. if i can find some transport maybe we cld meet up at wingham or something? xx
  • Happy belated 1st birthday xxx sounds like you had a great weekend image We were thinking about going to howletts on good friday..!!
  • Siany i can always come and pick you up if you have a car seat for austin, Ophelia can just have little sleep on way there and way back! Hope you have a good time at howletts Malakin! xxxxx
  • ooh yes that would be great little O, we do have a carseat for him.,if u wldn't mind that is?

    where abouts do u live then malakin? i didn't think u lived in/near kent? howletts is fab tho, we always had to do our school sponsered walk thru there, was fab, but a bit stibky, especially in high summer lol xx
  • No where near lol we are in Bedfordshire but went there years ago wen the girls were younger and def worth the trip down...but weather has turned a bit naff so gonna leave it now till summer image
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