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Afternoon all

Lo is now 3 weeks old and is being BF on demand. We currently have absolutely no routine at all, he wakes for food, eats and more often than not goes back to sleep, but only goes 3 hours between feeds unless out in the pram. I've read a few posts where people seem to have started bedtime routines etc and was wondering when to start doing something more regular than what we're doing now and how to best go about it? I dont want something too rigid but would like to get some semblance of routine for him, even if just to differentiate between day and night.

Also, where do your LO's sleep during the day? Our pram is also a moses basket so he sleeps there so he's closeby but should he be in his moses basket?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi I think if your lo is feeding 3 hourly thats great and sounds about normal for his age. I think sleeping in a different place ie living room in something different during the day helps lo to differentiate between day and night. What i would say is keep all night feeds quite and dark with minimal interaction. i would perhaps start a bedtime routine when lo is going longer at night for example 5 hour stretches at bout 10weeks ish.

    HTH XX
  • hello

    i think at that age routine will be hard to implement, the first thing we did was have a bedtime routine at about 7/8 weeks, where we bathed LO then had cuddles then feed then to bed upstairs in his basket with the monitor on ( he never slept well downstairs in the evening) we didnt start this before as he had really dry skin and where advised not to bath so often

    our LO sleeps where ever during the day be it his rocker/pram/basket/ the sofa or carseat, our friends have had problems when they have forced naps in the same place as LO would never sleep anywhere else, which chains you to the house for most of the day!

    for diffence of day and night we always make sure he naps in the light during the day and dark during the night, we also have him dressed after a top and tail wash in the morning and in a sleepsuit at bedtime, which seems to help us.

    becca and jacob
    12 weeks, 4 days
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