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How long did you wait after mc before ttc?

Did you try straight away or did you leave it a few months.

I've just had a mc yesterday and am already thinking of when i'd start ttc again.

I know i should maybe wait atleast 2 months to let my emotions back to normal but also i am so desperate for a baby.


  • Hey sweetheart,

    Am glad you found us on here, read your sad news on YAYW and hope we can be some support to you.

    My mc started on xmas eve and the bleeding lasted into Feb as it was suspected ectopic and then they found cysts, so it was a bit long winded to say the least. Had my first AF since the mc at the end of Feb and have been ttc since. Sadly this month wasn't 'our' month either.

    I am so sorry that you had to join us (in a nice way) but please feel free to ask questions/rant away when you need too.... the girls on here were amazing (and still are) when I needed them the most.

    MrsH xxx
  • Hi Lampiekat, sorry to hear your news. Everyone on here knows how you feel. X

    As for ttc, we started straight away. Time isn't on my side you see and it took a while to concieve our first little munchkin.

    I was very lucky in that the erpc was very straight forward and the bleeding stopped after two days. I had my first af about six weeks later.

    For the first few days after the erpc, though, I thought I would never risk going through this awful experience again. However, the hormones kicked in and we've been on the case ever since.

    You'll know Baba, when the time is right for you both and you feel strong enough emotionally. X
  • Hiya Lampiekat,

    I MC on Sunday and I too am keen to get preg again. I just cant wait. I am still bleeding at the min and just wish I would stop.
    My mc was straight forward no complications which is lucky. I have done a test which still says positive, so as soon as I get the negative test I am going to try again.
    The staff at the hospital told me that the only reason they advise a month is to date the pregnancy. Some ppl are lucky and dont have a cycle from a mc and get preg within the first 5 weeks. I am hoping that happens to us, but luck isnt on my side so I am not getting my hopes up.

    Keep in touch and let me know how you get on.
  • Thank you ladies,

    spikesma - What's erpc?

    Suze19, i'm still bleeding too which is annoying, my tummy is also rather tender, is this common?

    Hi MrsH - sorry that you bled for pretty much 2 months, how awful. Glad it's sorted now.

    I think i may wait maybe a couple of months, i haven't done a test so don't know what it says but i guess like you Suze as i was only a day behind you it probably would still be positive.

    I'm going to get a scan next week or so to check everything has gone back to normal with lining etc which i discussed with the EPU yesterday. xx
  • ERPC is the procedure that is sometimes carried out after a mc, not sure of the what the letters stand for...

    Thanks hun, it was mainly on and off for 2 months but when you see it written down it seems like a lifetime!

    Take the time you need hun, you will get stronger every day I promise, I am dealing with it sooo much better than say a month/6 weeks ago.

    Will be thinking of you next week xxxx
  • Hi Lampiekat hun, I know you're probably sick of hearing from me but thought I'd post and send a big ((((hug)))))
    After my mc we started trying straight away, I know by using my ov tests that I did ov exactly 14/15 days after the bleed, but I do count myself lucky that way. As you had a natural mc as well there is no medical reason to wait, the doctor may tell you it's best so as they can get their dates right but as the first date is only an estimate really then it's not that important.
    The other thing to think of is your emotional state, do you think you are ready to handle all the emotions of ttc and maybe another BFP?
    I do believe that your body won't let you become pregnant again until it's fully ready so I don't see any harm in trying again if that's what you feel is best.

    If you ever need a chat hun just drop me an email or facebook message xx
  • Of course i'm not sick of you Huni xx
  • Lampiekat, an ERPC is a medical Evacuation of the Retained Products of Conception. Although obvioulsy there are sometimes physical problems with concieving and carrying full term, I agree with Huni, in that sometimes there are underlying issues that may interfere with conception.
  • Hi Lampiekat. I had a mmc and ERPc on 13th Feb and like you desperately wanted to start ttc again straight away. I bled on and off for 5 weeks and I think (not sure yet!!) that my first AF is just starting now so its been 6 weeks on Saturday. We have been BD abit depending om my bleeding but I am hoping that if this is AF it means my body is back to normal and then I can work out my cycle again. I know that you can fall pregnant straight after mc though so if you feel emotionally ready unless the doctors say differently there is no reason not to start ttc again straight away

    Take care

  • I had a mmc and had an ERPC op just over a week ago. I am still bleeding a little, but it is easing off now. Just got to wait for AF to arrive, which I am told will be between 6-8 weeks, altho I realise that everyone is different. We haven't BD at all, I just can't face it at the mo, but am hoping as the weeks pass, I may feel like it.

    Take care. Zxx
  • Whats an AF??

    Kate x
  • Aunt Flo, ie period image
  • ahh!!! thanks ZLS23!!

    kate x
  • Lampiekat, I haven't been on in ages (reading topics on the sites tend to increase my anxiety re m/c) so am only finding out about your BFP and m/c. I was so sorry to hear you lost your much wanted baby, its so unfair.
    To answer your question, I had a natural m/c at 6 weeks at xmas and we started ttc pretty much straight away. Actively ttc helped me feel more positive about things and we were reassured by dr that it was safe and that other recommendations to wait a full cycle were just to help with dating. Anyway, I didn't get preg that 1st cycle but did in the next one. Which was a surprise as the first BFP took months! Am now 9 weeks and absolutely crapping myself but very glad I decided to try again so quickly.
    Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I sure whatever decision you make will be the right one for you and your hubby.
  • Hiya Lampiekat,

    Just wanted to see how you are getting on. I stopped bleeding Friday and I have done a test today which is Negative.
    Dont get me wrong I am still gutted about losing my baby, but my OH and I have decided to try again for another baby straight away.

    Hope you are okay. I know how you are feeling, especially with us being so close together and both wanting the same.

    Im here to chat if you need me.

  • Hi everyone, interesting to see how long different people are planning on trying again.

    Hey Suze, i'm ok. I only bled for 3 days in the end, was expecting to bleed for longer.
    Have got an appointment on Wednesday morning at EPU for an internal scan to make sure everything is back to normal.
    Think we'll wait till after next AF to start ttc again

  • Good luck hun, keep me posted on how you get on.

  • Well, i had my scan which was a little uncomfortable as it was an internal scan and as i suspected there was nothing there but on a good note the lining has gone back to normal etc so i can start ttc again once i'm ready. They said after next AF which i will probably wait for anyhow.
    They took a blood sample to check my hormone levels but still waiting back for those results.
  • Hiya hun,

    Yours has been the same as mine. I was meant to be having a scan yest or today to see if baby had grown obviously didnt need that image so bit of a sad but happy time for me as it was my daughters 3rd bday yesterday.

    I am now almost 2 wks since mc and getting on okay (i think) still have moments but im sure I will for a while.

    We are trying for another baby but im not getting my hopes up as bad luck seems to be on our side at the moment.

    Anyhow glad to hear everything seems okay for you. Well not glad to hear it but I think you know what I mean.

  • Yeah I know what you mean.

    In work this evening we had a mind illusionist for one of the acts and he does a bit where he asks 3 of the audience members to give a month, date and time. Couldn't believe it when they gave Nov 15th 10.30 as Nov 15th would have been my due date and 10.30 was about the time I lost the baby. I thought out of any dates and times why did it have to be those. Not that the audience members would have had any clue, was just weird!!
    Glad you're doing ok though.

    I thought that the 3 days of bleeding was it but I've been bleeding very lightly again yesterday and today, think today might be because of the scan probe being inside me, still feeling a bit uncomfortable from it.

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