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Hi lisa

Hope you and Harrison are doing well, it sounds like he is a very clever boy! I was just wondering what milk H is on and if you had any advice on weaning. My sil's little boy has a milk protein allery and he is on Nutramigen but she is starting to wean and is having a nightmare. Any advice would be great x x

K x x


  • HI Hun -

    Yeah Harrison is on Aptimal Pepti. He is allergic to all cows milk products. He had a spell on ysoy (I think it was called) but he wouldn't drink it and hated it so Paed put him back on this - its not 100% as he still brings a lot of it back up but he hardly has any milk now so its ok.

    The peadiatrician referred us to a dietician prior to weaning. It was usful but i still struggle. Everything seems to have milk in it.
    We have been told that the results of the tests they've done on H indiciate an allergy to dairy products and not to give any dairy until he is 2 (think it will be a see what happens thing then - fingers crossed he'll grow out of it).

    In terms of weaning - I used his milk to make various fruit/veg puree's when we started out and this was fine. LOTS of the jars/packets have milk in but they have to show this under allergy advice by law so thats ok. Ella's kitchen and plum have been Harrison's fav's (not the fish - this has milk in). In terms of my food - well we've had to change the things we eat in a round about way as free from products can be expensive.
    Harrison loves toast. Lots of bread has milk - warburtons is made with soya which is good (not the milk roll) and we use 'Pure' soya spread. I complained in my local sainsburys they didn't have enough products and they have a whole aisle now. There is dairy free pasta which he likes, though its designed for an adult so it goes into the blender to make it smaller, etc and alpro do soya yogurts in junior size, which are nice and smooth though he's had the adult ones with bits of fruit in too.
    We are just finding our feet with it all really. Its hard when you're out and about - I was in a restaurant and had some carrot sticks on my plate with my meal - hubby went to give him one and I said I'd just ask - turns out the chef had caked them with butter.
    Will think of anything else.

  • Thanks Lisa, I will pass the info on. Joe is allergic to dairy but not as bad as sil's baby and I have been avoiding things with diary in and spend hours looking for recipes. What reaction did Harrison have? Joe's excema flares up on his legs and face.

    K x
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