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Took the plunge and bought a CBFM...

Hi everyone. Since my mc in jan my cycles are all over the place so i decided to spend the money and get a CBFM.

I may need a bit of help with it as have no idea how they really work, but hope it was worth spending the money.


  • Hi MrsKD, ss to hear you had a mc. image

    Im thinking of getting a cbfm too, Hubby isnt keen on the idea, he thinks we should get it once we have be TTC for ages and havent been successful.
    My cycles too are all over the place, I dont think he quite gets how hard it is to pin point when we ovulate with our crazy cycles!

  • I know, thats why i was holding off buying one as didn't want to stress my self out. But been stressing so much this month as haven't got a clue whats going on so i'm hoping next month will be better. My af is 10 days late but coz i don't know when i ove'd this month it difficult to know when i should get af.

    I was using cheap ov sticks which i had used before but just kept getting positives this month but no other signs of ov.

    Not going to tell hubby, as don't want him to think i'm mad!!! So i'll just have to hide it in the bathroom in my little bag.
  • I got mine from amazon for 65 quid and 20 sticks for 14.99

  • woohoo! i want one image
  • Just ordered mine from amazon as well.

    I'm just hoping af doesn't show up until it arrives because are you meant to start using it first day of af?? Sorry i've only had a quick look at how it works so not really sure.
  • I got my BFP the first month of using my CBFM (and after a year ttc) - they are brill!!

    Make sure you have new batteries and you get the right first day of your cycle (but the instructions are really good) You've got 5 days into AF though as you can hold the set button down to move it forward by 5 days if you need (so MrsKD - don't worry if AF gets you before it comes!)
    Then you may find you get alot of High's in the first month as it has to get used to you. But you should get 2 peak days, then a high and then back to low. It may take all 20 sticks in the first cycle.

    Then BD like mad on the Peak days, the high day and the next low day. You start counting DPO from the first low day (basically you've ov'd on the first High day after the Peaks).

    Good luck!!

    CTBxx (7+2)
  • thanks chocolateteabag. What time do you test? Is it the first urine of the morning or can you do it in the evening. The other ov tests i used you weren't meant to test in the morning.
  • I'm in my first month with mine and I find it very useful. I suppose it is really handy if you are late 30's like me and maybe don't have time to play around with or very irregular cycles.
    I didn't get any smileys or positives with cheap amazon opks or CB opks and was getting very down ( as well as spending a fortune!). CB opks cost ??15-??20 a cycIe so CBFM doesn't work out that expensive. I am on my 2nd high day so it has reassured me that things seem to be working normally.
    It's dead easy to use and means that you know exactly what CD you are on by just pressing a button.
    Well worth the money! x
  • You test in the morning MrsKD!
    You have a 6 hour window to test ( 3 hrs either side). I test at 6:30 in the morning which means that at the weekend I can test up until 9:30 or as early as 3:30 ( not that I would be up that early!).
    It comes with a really clear instruction booklet so have a good read of that and it will guide you through the steps. It's really easy.
    Good luck x
  • I really want to buy one of these, but DH thinks it is too soon, we are on month 4 ttc. Not sure if I could be careful enough to hide it though. I said I would wait until June then I was going to get one. Hopefully won't need one and will have my BPF before then x
  • I bought mine on 2nd month of ttc. I was thinking I should wait but I am so glad that I got early or I would never have had a chance as I ov 4-5 days later than any of the ov calculators say!

    Got bfp first month (was ectopic) and now onto month 3 since re-started ttc. Best purchase ever! x x
  • Oh I really think I should buy one now! I am 30+ and I really just want to give myself the best possible chance. OH just thinks I am getting to obssessed and should let nature take its course. If only it were that easy!
  • If you don't know when nature is taking it's course it's v hard and frankly doing it every day is just a bit much. I've worked out that when I ov from left side I ov on cd16 and 17 and when ov from right side i ov on cd19 and 20!

    I am 31 so although not old, i want every chance as I want 3 children and this will be our first.

    I felt a lot more in control making sure we do it the peak days so I know I can do no more. I'm glad I knew i ov'd late straight away rather than 6 months down the line. Buy it! x x
  • Thanks MP, I think I will investigate eBay today! I too am 31 (32 in May) and this will be our first! Babydust x x
  • I can't wait to get mine, bloody amazon. I ordered it yesterday first class post and its not even been dispatched yet. Prob won't get it until next week now coz of the bank holiday.

    Hopefully af won't show up until i've got it.

    Bettybaby. I put a bid in for one on ebay and in the end it went for over ??50. So i thought i'd buy mine new and then sell it on ebay once i've finished. That way its not as expensive. And too be honest like mafiaprincess says if it puts your mind at rest coz you know when your ovulating then it'll be worth it.
  • AF finally started today, feel like poop!!! Only 10 days late but never mind. At least my CBFM has been dispatched....wahoo.
  • I looked about a bit before I got mine - managed to get one on ebay for ??55 incl postage and came with 20 sticks and 5 packs of preseed (lady selling it got her BFP before whe had the chance to use it!)
    But I think I got a lucky one as they can go for over ??60 on ebay. So Mrs KD's amazon one looks a good find (if it comes soon!)

    AS MafiaPrincess says- the peace of mind knowing what is happening when (ie when are you oving) is so worth it). I'm 33 and this is my first - waited for 1 year before getting my CBFM and reeeeaally wish i hadn't now.
    Even if you don't get your BFP straight away - you start to get a better idea of what could or couldn't be the issue (like are you oving or not for starters).

    Good luck with whatever everyone decides to do!

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