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Hello my lovely ladies :-)

Hi girls

I am sooooo sorry it has been so long since I have been on here to say a little hello to you all. Life has been mad since having Rose and I just have no idea where the last 8 months have gone!!!

How is everybody and how are all the little babies image here is a picture of Rose who is growing up so fast image This is a picture I took of her, I have started up my own baby photography business very scary!!!


K xx


  • Hi K-lou nice to hear from you that pic is lovely, own business very good good luck with it where are you based I want some pics of my little man? x
  • Thank you hun image I cannot believe how much she has grown up the last few weeks, She has just started to clap and wave as well bless her and now dancing when she hears music image

    I am based in Essex love you can check out my work if you like on FB it is under K lou photography and has a picture of Rose a bit like this one as the profile.

    How are you anyway?? K xxx
  • Helloooo!
    Nice to hear from you. Rose is very cute, not to mention photogenic.
    Good luck with the new business. I hope it really takes off for you.

    Shell xx
  • Thanks Floss image How are you doing? You enjoying motherhood. How fast is time going eh?? I just looked at the post with all the babies in it and they are all soooo cute, how funny does it seem seeing every bodies baby when we all was preg at the same time?

    K XX
  • HI hun - good to have you back on here!!
    Rose is gorg - if I lived closer to you I'd book you to take some pics of Harrison.
    Good Luck!!

    Lisa xxx
  • Hey, so glad to hear you are well, you used to post so much and then nothing so got a bit worried. The pic of Rose is gorgeous, those eyelashes are to die for, and well done to you setting up your own business wishing you tons of luck with that. I'm currently 5wks pregnant with number 4 a very happy surprise - we were just leaving it to nature and this time nature decided to put her skates on and give us a speediy one-, Iris is almost 8 months now and like Rose loves to clap and wave and dance so cute love this age so much, we have just mastered crawling backwards but not forwards which is rather amusing to my 2 and 4 year old.
    Much Love Jo xx
  • Hey K-Lou, lovely to hear from you! Rose is beautiful! Fantastic photo!
    Wishing you lots of luck with the business!
  • Hi

    I'm good thanks Reuben is great to had him weighed today he's 20lb 5oz now and is really coming on a treat his christening is at the end of April to. I'll have a look on FB at your work wish you was closer x
  • Hi Klou! Glad you are well. Hope your business takes off and you do really well xxxx
  • Ah hun, she is beautiful! I so wish I was closer so you could take some pics of Fred. With photos like that your business should do brilliantly! Good luck with it all. xx
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