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Deep heat back pack/pad things ....

are they safe to use??? I am 24 weeks gone and my back has been screwed this week by working with reception on too small chairs I am in a lot of discomfort!

Can anyoen shed any light??!


  • I went to the docs today about my back and he is reffering me to physio and said try hot water bottles etc but didnt mention deep heat.
    Sorry not much help!xx
  • I used one on my hip the other week, I don't think there's much difference between them and a hot bottle, so if one is ok the other probably is,
  • I read on the back of deep heat rub, to consult doctor. And on a Tesco's own at my mums house, it says do not use while pregnant.
    Maybe check with your mw?

    In the meantime, a nice warm bath and like Holly2112 do help.

    Hope it starts feeling better soon,

    Sarah 15+3 xx
  • My doctor told me to use one of those heat pack things when I had sciatica. I used a Boots own brand one. x
  • My mw told me a heated wheat pillow was ok but to avoid those heated sticker pack things. Not really sure why though as can't see much difference unless thay have some sort of pain relief stuff in them as well?
  • I've got one of the sticky heat-pad things as I'm going on a 10 hour plane journey in a couple of weeks and I know my back will be playing up. As I see it, they're no different to a hot water bottle. As long as you don't put them on your belly you should be fine.

  • Both my GP and my mid wife told me they were NOT recommended during pregnancy. A bath and a hot water bottle are ok because you can regulate how hot you want them. But those heat pack get very hot in a concentrated area, so I think you could use them on your knee, say, but on your back it's too close to where beanie is...
  • not sure about deep heat
    but i had to go on a long haul flight to australia in december when i was 2 months pregnant and i asked the boots pharmacist if the heat pads were safe and she selected a few which were safe for pregnancy. one of them was the boots version. i've used them and they've been fine.

  • The way I regulate the temperature of the heat packs is by either taking it off or putting layers of clothes between it and my skin - the same as you do with hot water bottles. The pads that I use go all the way across my lower back, so the heat isn't concentrated in one area.
  • I used them all the time when I wsa preg with Abby - they were a life saver! You have to be careful because they get hotter and hotter when you first out them on, but as long as you dont stick them to your skin - they are fine. xxx
  • Maximum, have you got a bump support belt? I bought one from Mothercare on Monday (??12) coz i was in agony by the end of work each day.... and i LOVE it!
    Try one of those too xx
  • The deep heat cream has Ibruprofen in, and you can't use this this in pregnancy. I'm not sure about the heat pads though.
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