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update on parvovirus!

hi ladies hope u are all well,
well as u know my daughter has parvovirus, when i went to the hospital they said the blood tests take two weeks to see if u r immune or not.
i said i cant wait 2 weeks panicking!! so the women said she would send my blood off to see if i had the parvovirus in my system now, as that is quicker than testing 4 immunity, originally they said bloods would be back monday but i just foned on the off chance and it came back as the parvovirus is NOT in my system which is great news!
id been picturing all sorts goin on in my body with the virus attacking baby etc!!
now i still want to know if im immune as got my daughters 5th bday party tomorow and got 10 kids coming , ill be screening them at the front door lol
take care all


  • Hi Lisa,
    Thats great news!! Baby will be fine, it's just another one of those hurdles to get over that we seem to get more than others!! Good luck with the birthday party tomorrow, my son was 10 last month and i took him and four friends to the cinema and then chinese, i was shattered afterwards!! Make sure you take it easy and get plenty of rest after the party, but have fun too xx
  • Great news Lisa.
    Hope the Birthday party is fun.

    George, x
  • Oh wow, that must have been worrying but great news youre ok and so nearly there now too image hope you've got lots of on hand helpers for that party missus, look after yourself x
  • Hi Lisa, glad you are ok, I know you must have been worried sick!!
    Pleased you pushed the hospital as to expect you to wait 2wks would have been torture, gud on you!!
    Hope your daughter had a lovely Birthday, and you enjoyed it too!!!
    Take care, Luv Kathryn xxx
  • Hi, glad to hear you are ok! You must have got a fright! Hope your daughters party went well and you didn't tier yourself out to much! Quite strange that I just noticed your post... This morning I have woken up with bright red cheeks and red acrossmy nose, it's not a rash though it's asif I am blushing! I lefft it a bit to see if it was going down, then did the silly thing a googled the symptoms! I have had a slight cold the last few days, so of course I'm now panicking I have this! I phoned the midwife and she said leave it today and see if it dies down, if not get a doctors appt. She says it's more than likely pigmentation or a reaction to a product, I haven't put any products on yesterday and I really hope my face is not going to stay like this! But offcourse I'd prefer that to having a the virus!

    Ahh, why do these things have to happen! I'll update xx
  • hiya,
    i know u must be worried! i know how i was...
    how many weeks r u now?
    even if u have got it, it is a very small risk that ure baby will get it, then a smaller risk again of complications.. i know this is probably no comfort as it wasnt to me either!
    get ure midwife to do a blood test! the one that tests for immediete infection only takes 2 days!,
    if u have got it it takes 4 weeks to reach the baby so dont panick just yet!
    dont sit at home waiting... does ure maternity have a triage ? go to ure gp... get a blood test!!!
    its a constant worry isnt it,
    there are alot of viruses that cause rash etc going around it may not even be slapped cheek as adults dont usually have many symptoms?
    keep us updated !
    take care
    Lisaxx 34 weeks!
  • Well I've just been to doctors, got myself all worried so phoned and got an appointment for 20 minutes later! She did a few checks, bp, listened to my breathing, checked mouth and ears. She says I don't have it but I do have a small viral infection that will pass. I felt a bit silly for wasting her time but I'm glad I've been checked out. She thinks the redness on my face will go down but didn't really give me an explanation as to what it could be other than 'irratation'. I am 16 weeks tomorrow. How is your daughter?

    I've got physio this afternoon as my pelvic muscles/joints/ ligaments have really been acheing over the last few weeks. Not quite sure what to expect but hope it's not gonna be a work out! X
  • hiya,
    well im glad thats alll sorted!
    frankie is fine now, she only had the rash 3 days! although she has just turned 5 and ud swear it was 13! the attitude! lol
    good luck at physio... ive been really lucky ive only has a few aches and pains.. when i was preg with frankie i had SEVERE sciatica in my back and leg from 28 weeks so im pleased i didnt get that this time ..touch wood!
    16 weeks! getting there lol
    take care
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