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anyone else get upset going in other forums?

My sister in law is preganant and due in Aug, out of interest I went in that forum and I hear all about people pregnant their baby moving, how amazing it is second scans etc, does anyone else find this upsetting or am I just being emotional. DH and I trying since last year, but he had erectile problems, only been sorted this last month, im currently OV and BD as much as possible - I just so want to be one of them girls in the other forum talking about my excitement.
How do you girls stay positive? :cry:


  • I know how that feels - we didn't tell anyone when we were trying for ds and everyone around me fell pregnant inc, my sister, sis-in-law and my best-friend so everyone was talking about their scans and feeling the baby move and showing me everything (my sister had given birth twice in the time it took me to concieve our son).

    There isn't really 1 specific way to stay positive. Just knowing that it will happen 1 day is enough for some people, I tried (and am trying now) to keep myself busy with other things I take pride in - I decorated my house last time and spent all my time with my dogs (I don't have them anymore though - I have 2 pregnant cats!!!!). There will be different things that work for different people, it's just finding what is right for you!

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