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Pain in the BUTT?? literally!!

Hi All,

I'm 8 dpo adn to be honest haven't really had any symptoms this month, but just today, along with nipples that are on fire, i have the worst pain in the top of my left buttock and lower back..going round my hips.. has anyone else had anything like this before getting a BFP?? I so nknow it;s not a pulled muscle or antyhing... walking the dog is not that strenuous!! be great to hear if anyone else has experienced this!! Baby dust to you all!!!! x


  • hmm this sounds odd have you googled it? I am not at that stage yet im afraid so not sure hun, good luck let us know how u get on x

  • Hi Hun,

    I got my BFP on saturday and I had a pain in my bum cheek and lower back. My lower back is still quite painful as is my bum cheek on and off and my hips have been a bit achey too...

    Good luck hun, sounds good!



  • LOL it does sound good hun! hehehehe how funny... sore bum! xxxxx LOL x
  • thanks ladies!! I have googled it and the only thing i get up is PGP. pelvic girdle pain.. but surely this is too early for that!! Thanks Charlie.. that makes me feel positive!!! going to try to wait until AF is due to test!! How many DPO did you get your BFP? and when did your bum pain start!?? xx
  • It started about 7dpo, I had no symptoms until 7dpo then I had the bum cheek thing and a heavy feeling stomach also I had a cough and everytime I coughed I got this funny pully sensation in my stomach. It was the same symptoms 8dpo.

    I just kind of knew on 9dpo, I don't even know why! I got my BFP on 10dpo with fmu with a clear blue normal test. I would wait as long as you can hun, I must admit it has been a bit of a pain finding out so early because I have been peeing on sticks everyday and it already feels like I have known forever!!! image

  • Hmm this is starting to sound good although my sensible side obvisouly takes over and tells me to relax!!! We've been trying for 6 months now and every other month i've had really strange pains in my tummy up until AF arrived.. this month,, nothing! and now 8dpo the bum pains started and i feel really bloated!! You know what.. even if it turns out a BFN your mail has just made me smile to myself so thank you!! and a mahoosive congratulations!!! xx
  • Aww thank you rusky, and I have absolutely everything crossed for you. Really hope to see you in DID soon!

  • so.. today the butt pain and back pain has moved to the right hand side... Charlie.. being my butt pain guru.. did this happen to you?? I fell to the pressure of the POAS God this morning knowing full well it would be a BFN and of course it was.... i'm only 9dpo.. far too early!! this wait is killing me.. it doesn't matter how much you tell yourself to STOP thinkign about it it's impossible!! xx
  • I must say I've been having this odd Butt feeling too? I have only really thought about because of reading this!!!
    I got my BFP at 9dpo 2 days ago!!! And I agree with CC, wait if you can because I'm so paranoid something is going to go wrong!!! Plus the fact I've poas 3 times already! x
  • Oh my lord....... this is all looking good isn't it..... knwoing my luck though i've probably pulled something in the garden!! lol... although it doesn't feel like something has been pulled.. it;s almost like sciatica! oh please please please let it mean it's my turn!!! it can hurt as much as it wants if it is my little bean!!! Congratulations to all you butt pain ladies!!! all hail the pain in the butt lord!! xx
  • Lol Rusky, oh I really hope you get to come in DID!

    Yeah the pain defo moved around....

    Eeeeek, when you going to test hun??

  • Congratulations to all you butt pain ladies!!! all hail the pain in the butt lord!! xx

    lol!!! You've made my morning!! he he!

    Thank you for the congrats hun and hope it's a good sign!!!! With any luck You'll be thanking the butt lord again very soon!!!! x x x

  • I'm going to try to wait now until next week.. that nasty visitor is due on Mon/Tues so i'll let nature do the first test!! hehe we are officially worshipping at the Butt Pain temple! really hope i get to join you all in DID but if i don;t then we'll just keep trying!! although i'm booked in for an op on the 16th to check things out so that there aren't any "no entry" signs been put up in me tubes!! poor little soldiers might be being turned away!! image.. fngers crossed i can call the hospital and cancel the appointment next week..... i'll keep you updated!! easter eggs to you all!! xx
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