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Is this normal?

Hi Girls,

Sorry to post about this, not entirely sure if its off topic or not! We are starting IVF at the end of June, having our first private appt on 28th April (had tests etc on NHS so far). I am generally a happy, optimistic type person, and looking forward to this journey towards a little bub. The last few weeks, however, I have started getting really jumpy and nervous and taking things too much to heart. Its just getting worse, I had a small incident at work today, came home in tears after a small critisism! Lately, I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen, I just dont feel safe, and I'm not breathing very steady. Nothing is wrong in my life right now, I am really happy apart from this feeling. My hubby has suggested that it might be due to the upcoming IVF, anyone in our position is well aware how hard it will be, and of course, I am terrified it wont work. I am going into this looking at the positives and thinking how whatever happens is meant to be, I do have two pre-teens, so at least I will still have them.

Is anyone else feeling this way, or have previously? Is it normal? Or is it be nothing to do with the IVF? I dont really want to go to the GP as they might stall the treatment, and I cant take medication due to the IVF either. Its not all the time, maybe 30% of the time at the moment? My arachnophobia is much worse through it mind - urghhhh!

Sorry to unload xxx


  • Hi hun,

    I think this is completely normal, my mum said my mood swings and general behaviour was worse before I started the drugs, then whilst on them!

    I think it's the fear factor of stepping into the unknown, or is was for me anyway. My breathing, stress levels and emotions were all over the place and I suppose one good thing about IVF is that it forces you to rest as the drugs make you feel so knackered, so you don't feel guilty for going to bed at 8pm!

    Good luck xxx
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