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How long did you wait after mc before ttc?



  • Thank you... to everyone.. I have found comfort in this thread... image I MC last month in early pregnancy... many told me to hang fire to ttc. I just wanted to focus in what made us happy in the beginning. I promised oh I would not pregnancy test early... I am 2 days late and I did tonight.. and it was negative image I did ovulation test and that caused loads of problems. Sometimes I wish my oh and I were on the same page.. I have had some funny pains in my tummy for 3 days now.. (but not cramps) like slight knife like pains.. rather than cramping.. but a negative pregnancy test image so I do not know what is happening.. I did Ovulate day 19-20 but ovulation stick test.... so maybe (fingers crossed) just maybe... I will show pregnant later.. I did not have an implant show like I did with the last pregnancy so not sure what to think... :\?
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