6 DPO funny symptoms

OK so maybe I am feeling silly but the last few days I have felt funny. I am 6DPO dont think we had enough sex this cycle but we did have sex when I got my positive on OPK and also a few days before I got the positive so it is possible.
I felt slightly off this weekend, couple of examples we were walking round the shops and DH said I looked pale, I feel very cold atm and cant seem to warm up!
I have had funny twinges down low and feel like I have permanent heart burn. Ive felt rather hungry lately but also sickly. Feel full of wind too!

Does anyone think im being stupid and getting my hopes up? Ive been saying No its nothing but DH keeps talking to my stomach and asking his swimmers to implant! we desperately want a baby and he has problems ejaculating so its making things worse

Any ideas ladies?


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