Probably psychological but....

I've felt quite sickly for the last couple of days, especially after having something to eat.

I got a BFN at 10dpo on Sunday and AF is due within the next couple of days. As I said, it's probably psychological but I just wondered if this is a usual symptom or if anyone else felt like this after they had conceived - not getting my hopes up, just never ever feel ill before AF.


  • it could be either, hope for the best expect the worst is what my dh says
    I too have had mild funny symptoms AF due 9th although my period was irregular last month so not 100% sure and ive kind of felt funny but who knows if physchological or not
  • Thanks for your reply hun. It's doing my head in because I know I have a BFN, but reading about other ladies who've had a BFN at 10dpo then gone on to have BFPs a week or so later makes me think I'm in with a chance, although I only came off the pill in December so I know it's not likely. Haven't had any symptoms either, so I'm not expecting a miracle, and it's definitely too early to feel sick!
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