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Think I may have to bite the bullet..... any advice?

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  • I went to se GP yesterday, I have had 9 weeks of bleeding since D+C. Everything else has been ruled out, infection etc etc. He said the only option left now is to go back on the pill for twom onths to regulate the bleeding and return my cycle back to normal.

    Has anyone ever done this or heard anything about it. I feel ready to do it as I cant stand any more bleeding, 9 weeks and there is no sign of it stopping. I got PG on cycle 2 after coming off the pill, so not overly worries about it stopping me getting PG again.

    If anyone has any adive please let me know, I am going back to GP tomorrow to make the decision.
  • Hi 3054, sorry to hear it is still going on for you. Are you sure it isnt just a very long period now. I have heard that some peoples first ones are really long and horrible!

    At the end if the day it is how you feel about it, i suppose you could look at it that 2 months is only 8 weeks which will fly by quite fast ( I think you are going on holiday?) and then at least you will know that you body has been regulated and you can start again properly. It will mean that the bleeding will stop and you can just enjoy yourself for a while.

    What does your partner think about it??


  • He is really leaving it up to me to decide. Today, I have had only a tiny amount bleeding this morning, and now this afternoon I have got a small amount of brown spotting, like you get at the end of a period.......

    I know I had ovulated as I got a smiley face on the CB digital test on CD13, which would mean I am back on a 28 day cycle, I think it may be a long period and the end of what ever was left in coming out as the amount now is next to nothing.

    I have had a think today and think I have suffered through these 9 weeks, if I go back on the pill now when it is almost sorted then the past 9 weeks would be a bit of a waste. I am going to leave it till Monday and see how I am then, if I am still bleeding then I will go back on the pill.

    I am out this month anyway as I got smiley face yesterday, so I am OV today or tomorrow and will not be BD'ing as we are both conscious that I may not be fully recovered yet, so I will have to wait for another cycle anyway.

    To be honest it is kind of nice to switch off from it and just enjoy the next 4 weeks without thinking of TTC every minute of every day. Going on holiday in just over 2 weeks, so that will help.

    Fingers crossed this is it, no more bleeding and after a well deserved break I will be back at it.

    Nice to have you back. Sending you lots and lots of sticky baby dust this month, you could set the standard for us and get a BFP so I can follow in June..........
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