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I had EWCM, cramps on 2nd & 3rd April but was having neg OPK.

I got my Pos OPK on 4th so I have been classing myself at 2DPO as of today.

How accurate are OPK's and is there any chance I could have OV on the 2nd itself making me 5/6DPO?????

Just wondering???xx

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  • Hi, OPK's detect the LH surge in your urine, the surge of LH is what triggers ovulation so whereas it's very possible to miss the surge some months (that's what makes some ladies panic they haven't ov'd) the fact you got a positive means you caught it, so I would say it's accurate. It could be possible that you caught the surge as it was decreasing again but even that would still put you at 2/3dpo.
    The ewcm does usually start a day or 2 before ov so that would agree with the OPK as well.
    Sorry hun, I know you probably wanted to hear you're really 6dpo :P hang in there! xx

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