Well, I was pretty sure I felt AF arriving yesterday (sorry if TMI), but today has come and still no sign. It could be that my body is still adjusting from when I finished the Pill at the end of December. So far cycles have been 30days and 34days so I'm pretty sure I'm due on in the next few days.

It's now officially doing my head in! If she doesn't come by Sunday I'm gonna test again as then I will be CD37 and approx 17 DPO. I just want her to hurry up if she's on her way so I can get back to TTC!!!!


  • ooo test on sunday defo! good luck hun! xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks *me*. I didn't expect a reply, just needed to vent a little bit. It's only my first month TTC as well so heaven knows what I'll be like after 3 months!!!
  • hahaha i no! im 3 months and im going crazy! lol calming down a bit tho now, hubby to be thinks ive gone mad! lol xxx
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