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results of my scan...

hey all, im sorry to keep troubling you with my problems, i have just returned home from my scan. there was no sign of a pregnancy there so it seems i will need no futher treatment for my miscarrige. i am feeling very low at the moment and unfortunatly OH has had to go to work.
the nurse offered for me to have further testing done to see if there are any problems as this is the 3rd time i have lost a baby, me and OH said we would discuss it and then go see our GP. my OH is keen to have the tests done but i am not feeling so sure. maybe we should just keep trying and see what happens, but i dont think i could go thru this again. if we want the tests we cannot ttc this month. i am just so deprate to have a family but maybe i need to get my practical head on and just b just be patient?
my urine sample also showed up abnormal so she has sent it off for further testing, something else to worry about now!
sorry for the rant everyone and thankyou for all the support you have given me through this horrific time xxxx
sending you all lots of babydust xxx


  • hey hun, sorry u have gone through this 3 time, my heart goes out to you, maybe havin the test will be good for you, as ur able to give ur body a rest from ttc for a month, maybe u need a lil break xx

  • Hi Sally,

    Oh I am so sorry hun, I wish it had been better news for you.

    I know how you feel as you know...please email me if you want a chat,

  • Oh hun, I am sorry it wasn't the outcome we were all hoping for image

    Perhaps the tests will be a good way forward when you are feeling up to it.

    hugs xx
  • Hi hun

    Sorry for your loss, hope you ok, take care and remember we are here for you if you need to talk.

    Sending you big hugs xx
  • so sorry hun xx
  • Aw im so sorry sally image

    You take it easy for a while and dont feel you need to rush to have these tests, Just take your time.

    I wish you all the best and hope a solution is found for you soon.

    Take care

  • (((((hugs)))))) i really hope ur ok hun! so sorry to hear ur news! hopefully the tests/urine sample may be the answer? and make you feel a bit better about al this as you ill know wats going on? they may even be able to help you, so this doesnt happen again? wishing you the best est bestest luck for a stciky BFP soon! xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • sorry to hear that image

    But maybe they can now know whats causing the miscarriages. Good Luck with ur tests
  • Hiya
    Hope you are feeling okay today.
    Must be awful for you going through this again. At least if you get the tests out the way then you will have more info about what is causing these mc's.
    I know it must be hard but it sounds like they are willing to test quite soon which is better than waiting for ages for them. Try to keep positive, even though its hard sometimes.

    Much love, H x
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