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Preseed or not!?


Back to CD 1 (again!!!!!!!:cryimage....

Used pre-seed for the first time last month. Do you think its worth using it again this month? Also is there a cheaper option?




  • hi trying,
    i'd def use it. 1st month using it got my bfp but was a chem preg, 2nd month using it i got my bfp and am 7 weeks today (still praying it's sticky) so i'm defo a big fan xxx
  • ive heard good things about preseed, good luck huni.x
  • heya
    g/c but wanted to say i got preg 1st month using preseed after ttc for 12 months!!
  • Everybody has been recommending it, Id definately keep using it, but i had no idea how much it was. I really want to use it but hubby wont let me get any till we've been TTC for ages with no luck, I see his point.

  • I've ordered some and am waiting for it to arrive. I made my hubby watch the Great Sperm Race and he now thinks all lube is the great enemy, so am undecided for this month as yet. Not sure what to do.
  • Thanks for advice- just ordered some more now. Used it last month, no success lol!
    Will keep trying!
  • MrsPPBoy, tell your hubby that it is fab! I got it and my dh thinks it's great it actually makes the experience more enjoybale as you don't have to spend loads of time getting all worked up for several nights in a row, so even when we got to night 4 this month we were ready to keep going as we weren't sore and fed up with all the preamble if you know what I mean ;\) As for it's ability to help ttc I will confirm that tomorrow image
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