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Help! I need some PMA, AF slump :(

Hi Ladies

I hope you don't mind me having a bit of a moan but I think this is month's AF arrival has hit me harder than I thought.
Af was 3 days late so I got my hopes up! I did test and got BFN's but there is that little part of your brain that lives in hope. I got to the point where I just wanted AF to start so I knew where I stood and when she did my first feeling was relief.
It is now a few hours later and I feel rubbish :\( I just feel so deflated. This is only our 4th month but it feels like a lifetime of trying and failing.

I need some words of PMA ladies, I know I have some somewhere but it's hiding at the moment!

lots of baby dust to everyone

Mrs Cake xx


  • Mrs Cake you have supported me and others so much, just remember all of the positive things you have said. You will get your bfp im sure of it!!! i know just how hard it is not to build up your hopes ( I even looked at prams despite promising myself i would never) but we have to stay positive otherwise it will make everything even harder.
    Im gonna start on a health kick tmw (af or not) and start visualizing having a baby as this is supposed to help too (although tbh its all i do now anyway). have a few days to be blue then get ready for lots of bd-ing xxx
  • I second what KaitiB said, whenever I have read one of your posts/comments it is always filled with support and PMA.

    I know you know it already but 4 months isn't long at all hun, but believe me it feels like a lifetime at the same time.

    Sending you hugs and babydust by the bucket load hun,

    Love MrsH xx
  • This is words of PMA Mrs Cake!!!

    Sorry she got you, but you do have a home with us for this cycle! Sorry if I sound over emotional, but hubby at work and have just returned from a lovely day out with my oldest friends, and three bottles of wine later I'm nice and happy....

    Seriously, been out with my oldest and bestest friends today and it really puts it into perspective, we are old gal pals and have seen each other through thick and thin, but I don't live near them so unfortunately opportunities are thin and far between.

    Anyway, the moral of my story:

    No1. Friend. two children. First took four months, seoncd took six months including miscarriage.

    No2 Friend took nine months through irregular cycles

    No3 took TWO years and ended up on clomid and all sorts.

    All three now have wonderful children. So I guess the morale of my story is we need to patient however hard it is, and our time will come.

    I fear I have had too much wine......and I've got to go to work tomorrow booooo!

    Seriously, I'm sorry you're delated, it must be even harder if you are late and thought good things. With my positive test, we've both had shitty cycles . Its still early days for both, but we'll move onwards and upwards and pray together for our month. Agreeed?!!
  • Thanks ladies image
    It really helps having people to talk to that understand as it's not like you can go to work and have a chat about it!
    I am going to get myself sorted as well on the health front as I have had a few weeks of too much bad food and not enough exercise!

    Loobylou thank you for your message, it has made me smile! It does really help hearing how long other women have taken as it keeps it all in perspective. AGREED with a cherry on top image

    lots of baby dust and I am slowly coxing my pma out from behind the sofa...

  • Hurray!!!! Although I do feel the wine is over enhancing my PMA and I should got to bed soon ......seriously, glad you are feeling a teensy bit better. We are all here to support each other xx
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