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Think I'm out the running at 5po :(

All day I have been feeling like af is coming,plus I'm mega gassy ewwww!

I think she might be arriving early, I only have a 10 day lp!



  • Plenty of time yet hun! Remember the main symptom of pregnancy is the imminent arrival of AF. Chin up image xx
  • Plenty of time yet hun! Remember the main symptom of pregnancy is the imminent arrival of AF. Chin up image xx
  • Hang on in there, theres still hope, hope you get your BFP

  • Thanks girls! I feel like I'm on knickeb watch as I'm so sure she is gonna show Even though it's 5 days to early. I haven't got sore boobs or anything which is usually what I have from ov to af? Fingers crossed!! Xx
  • Hey hun, fingers crossed and just to reassure you I have a 10 day LP and have conceived 4 times so it doesn't always mean there is a problem. x x
  • Thanks for the reassurance lisa, I wish I was 10dpo then I could put myself out of this misery!
  • Hi hun i have been feelin the same this month to like Af is comin achy guts and really gassy and bloated im 10DPO not sure wen to test not sure when Af due as first month TTC after havin implant out...x
  • Im 99% sure that af is being extra cruel and showing up early.

    10dpo.... I'd have tested by now, but I'm naughty image
  • i would test but want a first responce one gonna get one tomorow i think hehe x
  • Use first morning urine, if u hve to go shop pee in a cup and test with it when u get back xx
  • lol thanks will it be ok a few hrs old xx
  • as long as you store it in the fridge then let it come back up to room temp hun
  • I have left my wee out for 4 hours at room temp for my opks and they still went positive? I asked a doc and h said anything up to 6 hours is ok? X
  • G/c just to say I posted the EXACT same thing in here back in August - my pre-AF cramps and sore (.)(.) started the exact same dpo they always did but it was a BFP and my due date is today so it doesn't always mean you're out.

    Good luck X
  • Well today I have had more windy pops, it's really gross, a feeling like a stitch in my side and my hip feels like I have hit it ( I haven't) I'm wondering If I'm imagining it all to be honest.

  • Baby-p: ur still not out ! PMA girl image
  • got fingers crossed for you hun,
    You are still in till the witch shows her face so lets hope she stays away for you.
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