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Ok, so I caved

and did a test..... BFN - obviously - i'm only 7/8 dpo... why do I do this, i'm a poas addict! I promised myself - and hubby - that I wouldn't test till Friday at earliest, but of course I caved and did.............. arrrgghhh.... please tell me i'm not the only one who does this


  • Naughty Mrs Owen, *smacks hand!!*

    I am sure you are not the only one hun!

    I am not tracking my ov with sticks/CBFM etc so don't really know when I ov'd this month so not sure when I could test at earliest, so think I will just wait for day AF is due, but hopefully won't come image

    MrsH xx
  • doh! ive done that b4! lol naughty! o well hopefully u get a BFP in a few days?? good luck xxxxxxx
  • I've done it too - we know we shouldn't but the temptation is too hard to resist when there are tests in the house! xxx
  • I didn't even have any in the house, I made a trip out to get one - arghh and once i've done it, I kick myself lol but no doubt i'll do it again in a day or two!
  • MrsO! What are you like! tut tut!

    Im 2dpo but i am not buying any till AF is due otherwise like you i would every day!

    finegrs crossed for you hun!
  • I know I know, i'm naughty.... just so want a BFP, since the day had a mc its all i can think about
  • I have done it too. even though you know it will be neg you can't help it. gonna try really hard and hold of till AF is due but that's not for another 10 long long days
    fingers crossed you get your bfp
    buckets of baby dust for all xxx
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