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1st month using CBFM???

Hi everyone,

Got my first high today on day 12. How many high's do you normally get before you peak?


  • hey hun im going to follow you on this thread cos iv got my cbfm ust sitting in its box but havnt used it yet! waiting for AF at end of month but hopefuly i wont have to use it!!!... i think ul get highs for a couple days and mabe around day 14-16 u might peak?? but everyones different.. sumtyms u wont peak at all in your cycle.... it wld still be a good idea to BD on the high days image cos you can fall pregnant before or after ovulation! good luck image sorry i couldnt really help! x
  • Hi hun, in the first month you may not get a peak as it's getting to know you so don't panic if you don't get 1, my first month I had highs from cd8 right through to my 2 peaks on cd17&18. On my second month I had 3 highs before the peaks and I just got my BFP yesterday image

    Good luck! xx
  • i've had from 2 - 10 days of highs!!! xx
  • Hi girls.
    Thanks for the replys. Well i'm on my third day of highs so hoping to get my peak in the next few days. I've started using the clearblue ovulation tests as well, just in case i miss it!!! (getting obsessed).

    Before i got pregnant last year i could always tell when i was going to ovulate but since mc everything is seems to be all over the place.

    Hopefully this will be my month......christ i'll be skint with all these bloody tests.!!! :lol:

    How you all getting on??
  • I've never used one of these, but wish you luck and sending you lots of babydust... Zxx
  • Finally got my peak on cd 19......hurray!!! So will be a busy bee tonight. Do I need to carry on testing now and turning the monitor on evry morning??
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