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Jan Up Already...

OMG........ Ive only been ttc 3 months and oct was just up now jan, its going so fast.
Reay hope i get a jan baby. who else is hoping for a jan baby need pma xxx


  • *me*!!! or dec would be even better! lol xxxxxxxxx
  • Me!! I am just entering 2ww and if I am lucky enough it will be NYE baby!
  • im out the running for dec now and i go on hol in 3 weeks so hoping it will happen then for us. when are you testing? how long you been ttc? x
  • hi mrs mel nye baby would be good as my sons bday is june so will have nice gap. il be on my 2ww soon. when are you testing mrs mel? x
  • im testing 27th image been trying 3 months xxxxxxx
  • think I will be testing from 27th April (2 weeks from today!) I will not be testing early! have been using a cbfm for the first time this month and we have bd more than last month!
  • my af due 27 apr too how mad is that we'l all be teating together then.

    mrs mel sounds good hope you did it this month

    me i remember you from other posts you have changed your pic havent you? i changed mine too for luck lol x
  • Yeah change it. love sex and city. hope its your month too! are you using opks or cbfm or neither? this is my third months of ttc but 2nd month of actually thinking about it and really trying!
  • no not using anything just going with the flow i really want another baby but im really scared as i suffer with hyperemisis in pregnancy (severe sickness) and 3 pregnancies have ended because of this. i was pregnant last year and would of been due now so its abit hard at the moment but im trying to be positive x
  • Hey, I'm hoping for a Jan baby, next AF due May 10th so lets hope the witch stays away!
    Sorry to hear our pregnancies have been a sad time for you, you're in the right place here - you're all so lovely and supportive of each other.
    Is there anyway your hyperemisis can be treated - really hope you don't mind me asking xxx
  • hi hope we all get our jan bfp's. it can be treated but doesnt fully take it away. but i know i will have everyone on here to get me through it xxx
  • Sorry for G/C but Kimlou I suffer from hyperemesis too so you have my deepest sympathy. I am now 4+5 and it hasnt started yet but I am so so nervous. Got my hospital bag ready and inlaws ready to look after the children.

    There are alot of HG sufferers on BE so if you ever need to talk just ask me or do a post on peg about it. You will find me in DID.

    Lots of baby dust xxx
  • hahaha mrsmel and kimlou! we will all be poas together! hopefully thats lucky? xxxxxxxx
  • Hi there

    Wildthing, my next AF is due 10 May, lets hope they both stay away.

    KIM LOU, sorry to hear about the time it is, it must be very hard for you. Remember we are all here if you ever want to chat. My sister suffers from that and she spent weeks in hospital with her little girl. It was dreadful. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    I agee with *me* hopefully we'll all be poas together and going into DIJ together.

    V xxx
  • babylove thats lovely to offer thankyou i will be intouch lol! i too have got babysitters waiting because my son at school too. things we have to do x

    me cant wait im not on my 2ww yet either lol!

    vicsy thankyou i know you will all be here. hope we are all in dij together.

    babydust to all xxx
  • hope so vicsy! xxxxxxx
  • Me! I am hoping for a January baby, CD1 for me today. PMA required x x
  • Hey Vicsy,
    Are you on CD10 today? Fingers crossed we won't be greeting AF on the 10th!
    How long have you been ttc? xx
  • welcome bettybaby we'l all keep eachothers pma going x
  • Bloody hell i cant believe it! I too can remember the very day that DIO went up, Cant understand how time can go so quick! How can we stop it? hehe

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