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How often do you BD?

Just wondering really, as when i was first looking in to ttc everyone was saying every other day and then when i read online and watched The Great Sperm race on ch 4 they also said the same thing that you have to wait atleast 36 hours for his little swimmers to become strong enough and the weaker ones can out power/cancel out the stronger ones.

In January when we first officially started ttc we bd'd every day (we were on honeymoon too) and had no luck.

Then in Feb we only did the every other day sometimes every other other day due to work etc and i got a bfp - seems to be coincidence or is it.

But recently on various other sites people saying that round ovulation time they do it every day sometimes more than once a day.

Now i'm back to ttc again after mc i think we'll do the every other day again as it worked for us


  • Hi huni,

    Good question!!

    Coincidentally (or not!) the month we fell pregnant I don't remember having that much sex.

    Last month we had what I would consider to be lots (!!!) over what I thought was the 'crucial' time but no joy image

    I have also seen the sperm race programme and there are definitely mixed messages out there...

    This month we have bdanced everyday from CD9 to CD12, again on CD14 & 15 and then CD18...
    (Hope that isn't too much detail hun - had to consult the calendar for that lol!!)

    If we haven't done it this month and I am not sure how we haven't - poor hubs is worn out lol!! Maybe I will try every other day next month but... am hoping we won't need to!

    How are you flower?
    Love MrsH xxx
  • When I got pregnant with my son we did it every day, twice a day, sometimes three times a day. Must say I got pregnant the first or the second day after we decided to try for a baby though, so realisticly we only did it 1 or 2 times.

    When I got pregnant for the second time we did it every other day, but we did it more when we felt like it. So it could have been monday, tuesday, thursday, saturday, sunday, tuesday. So no longer than 2 days inbetween, but more often less.

    Than with the last two chemical pregnancies it was every day basicly for about 2 weeks with the occasional every other day inbetween.
  • well at the moment my OH has his best mate living with us as hes just split with his wife so its been bit tricky for past couple weeks! he should be out by end of month though! so this month i have BD from cd8-cd11, im on cd12 now and we intend to BD tomorow, wednesday and thursday.. maybe friday depending on how i feel lol!! when (or if!) i start using my cbfm i will onli BD on the high and peak days image... before his mate moved in we probs done it every other day or whenever we felt like it.. maybe 3 4 times a week... hope thats not to much!!
    claire xx
  • We BD everyother day and thats is what I did when i conceived with my other children. I cant help but become obssesed with it though. This month we BD everyother day until I thought I was ov'ing and then we Bd both the day before and the actual day (I hope!) Dont have an ov test so am going on guesswork slightly based on my cycle of 30 days and my CM. Really hope I fall pregnant, i feel really upset at the moment as I know I am going to be really disappointed if I dont fall this month. I think before when I was trying when I didnt get pregnant I was still really gutted but now knowing that I should still BE pregnant I think I am going to find it really hard to see a BFN.

    Loads and loads of sticky baby dust to us all!!!
  • It's interesting to see what different people think.

    No-one's given me tmi so no need to worry :lol:

    MrsH - I'm good thanks chick, not looking forward to my 13 1/2 hour shift at work tomorrow!!
  • No such thing as TMI on this site!! lol

    Glad your ok hun, boo to 13 hour shifts!

    MrsH xxx
  • Lampiekat, i was wondering the same thing! I can't remember how often we BD'd when i got pg, but averagly about every other day. If hubby had it his way it would be 3 times a day!!
    Hope you're coping ok, i think we lost ours a week apart.
    Mrs H, replying to the question you posted on the "dream" thread, i'm ok thanks, had a little cry yesterday when i told my mom about the dream i had but on the whole i'm ok and looking forward to trying again.
    Are either of you on FB?x
  • We were tcc for about nine months before I fell pregnant and we BD'd three/four times a week and then every day around ovulation and absolutely nothing happened. I was starting to worry a bit so in January I made a dr appointment for Feb and i also bought some ovulation sticks from boots. Using the ovulation sticks and not BD around ovulation until I got a positive result, got pregnant that month.

    Seems quite typical really, when you're younger and really not wanting to get pregnant it seems everyone is telling you that you only have to look at a man to fall pregnant. Then when you actually want a baby it turns out there's a 48-hour max window to fall!
  • Hi srus10, glad you are ok sweets, no not on FB, must be the only person in the world who isn't!!
    Glad you got your lovely mum to talk to image

    Love MrsH xx
  • Hi srus,
    I'm on FB if you want to find me I'm Kat Coy and my profile pic is me in my wedding dress. Just let me know who you are when finding me so i know to accept you :lol:
    If anyone else wants to add me feel free xx
  • Hey Lampiekat
    Ive tried to find you on FB but cant seem to!! If you want to add me its Suzanne Greenall pic is me in a yellow top and glasses on.
  • hi lampiekat, we bd'd for two-three days in row then took one preg. again on third cycle
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