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Well Done Tasha

2000 posts!!!

You are an addict that needs help Tasha!!!



  • wooooooooooooooooooo
    well done, not long till im there pmsl
  • Are you the current PP champion Tash? How many smoothie makers do you want?!! hehehe

  • common tasha.....

    spill the beans and tell us how you manage to do this??

  • lol tasha!!
    now youve started a new club. first it was the 1000 club now theres the 2000 club. lets see who'll be first to join you, hope you dont get too lonely there!! hehe lol.
    take care hun
    kas xx
  • oh, forgot to say, well done though!!
  • Can you imagine how many posts she'll be on after saturday night?!!!
  • Well done Tasha
  • Maybe you should get out more tasha!!!!!! Ha ha ha!
  • I knew it was getting close hadn't realised you were finally there.

    Well done!!

    You'll be on 3000 when we reach 2000!
  • That's a nice thought looks great.
  • Was feelin a bit fancy this morning!!!!
  • Well done Tasha!!!
  • Well done tasha! roll on 3000!
  • Hi Girls sorry i haven't replied sooner! Thanks for my own post caroline!!

    Emma i think i may be the 'champion' (hehe) but you never know i think theforums been going for a while so there may have been someone else!! You can only win WUOTM once so at least the rest of you still have the chance to win!!!

    Jo you know first hand that my kids, well Ethan (!) aren't perfectly bahaved but my computer is by the sofa in the living room so i'm able to just leave it on usually logged onto pp all day and just pop on and off (thats how i do it Samiha)!!

    Dawn thanks for the glitter it was lovely!!

    Sure many of you will be joining me at 2000 soon!!!!
  • Caroline and Boo, i'm booking myself into PP anonymous very soon!!!!
    Oh and Boo for a long time you were ahead of me!!!!
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