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C section or Vbac


Got a very faint bfp today, so thinking what to do when the time comes, just want some help on this, i had a C section first time round as i was not dilating, and i have always said i would have another one when i was pregnant again, but what was it like having vbac, did you find the C section better or were you happyer to have the vbac second time round, my little one will be just 2 when i have this one, so just wondering with her being young would a vbac be better so i can still get back into things quicker?
what are the pros and cons?
Thanks ladys for reading


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  • i will be interested in this post as i had an emergency section and we plan to try for no2 at the end of the year so LO will be 18+months if we are successfull,
  • I took the leap today and told the registrar that I was gonna try for VBAC. I'm bricking it! DD was an emergency section under a general and i'm so scared of it happening again.
    Today was the last day for me to decide because bubs is due in 4 weeks.

    I have stated that I dont want to be induced because it increases the risk of scar tissue rupture. I am there also booked in for a section at 41 weeks if I haven't gone into spontanoeus labour.

    I have to have a sweep at 40 weeks just to try and get things going.


    36 weeks today!
  • I am currently 37+2 with my 2nd & DS is 20 months. I had em c-sec with DS due to failure to progress & we decided almost straight away that we would go for a planned with no.2. We based decision on a number of things, including:

    The reaction of the heath professionals when DS was born- a number said 'there's no way you would have been able to give birth to him naturally' or something similar.

    Not being able to have drugs to increase contractions having had a c-sec - I was on this for 24 hours with DS & still didn't get anywhere.

    The impact on DS - we decided that by having a planned c-sec we could ensure that the impact on DS was minimised. We would be able to arrange childcare whilst I was in hospital (we don't have family local) & also some help for when we are home & DH has to go back to work. We will also have more of an idea of how long we'll be away from DS & DH will still be around most of the time whilst I'm in hospital.

    We've been lucky & all the professionals we've seen this time round seem to agree with our decision & haven't tried to persuade us to try for VBAC. Only issue we have is that hospital is very busy at the moment so the date I've been offered is after due date so will probably end up being an em c-sec anyway!!

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

  • Hi Maria when did you have your first C section, had mine 18 months ago, and still get a bit of pain, and told by doctor that is normal. i am still thinking what i would like to do as i am thinking if i have a 2 and half running around would i want to have the cut, would i find it hard to do stuff again for both of them, or better to have the vbac? you sound the same as me.

  • Hi!

    I had a VBAC 13 months after an emergency section. Another section was never an option I wanted to consider and I did have to fight my consultant to allow it.
    Although I didn't have a pleasant birth experience, this was down to care received rather than pain or complications. I am expecting my 4th child in August and am, once again fighting for my right to a natural birth.
    What is right for one person is not always right for another but the important thing is that you make a decision based on what you want and stick to it.

    Good Luck!
  • hi im 4 weeks and had emergency c-sec 5 years ago i was fully dialated and was pushing for hours but he was just in a tilted position and wouldnt come but been told i could have a vbac i would absolutely love to but am a little bit scared that il have a bad experience again. still unsure what to do same as you xxx
  • hi, i'm 8+1 and had a em c section 13months ago, i had a really crappy induction and only got to 2cm before ds started getting distressed, but i will definately be going for a vbac (if they allow it, can't see why not tho, unless this baby is breech or something), i am scared of having a nother awful birth experience, but it may well go perfectly and i know to put my foot down on certain things this time and will make sure i'm mobil through out labour rather than let the mws control everything again, i feel a vbac would be much better not just for me, but for my family, ds will only be 21months and he'll need me to be able to look after him and pick him up as well as looking after a newborn, also i'll only want to spend 1-2nights maximumin hospital this time as i'll want to be home to ds and Oh asap, cos unliek last time Oh won't be able to stay with me (i transferred to birthcentre after the c sec last time) as he'll need to be at home with ds. xx
  • A friend of mine who had a VBA3C found these stats (i'm sure she wont mind me posting them) I hope they help

    A third caesarean means:
    Risk of hysterectomy: 0.9%(1 in 111)
    Risk of blood transfusion: 2.26% (1 in 44)
    Risk of placenta accreta: 0.57% (1 in 175)
    Risk of major complications: 7.5% (1 in 13)
    Risk of dense adhesions: 32.2% (1 in 3)

    A fourth caesarean means:
    Risk of hysterectomy: 2.41% (1 in 41)
    Risk of blood transfusion: 3.65% (1 in 27)
    Risk of placenta accreta: 2.13% (1 in 47)
    Risk of major complications: 12.5% (1 in 8)
    Risk of dense adhesions: 42.2% (2 in 5)

    A woman who has repeat caesareans can also be more likely to experience
    thromboembolisms (blood clots that break loose and block blood vessels), or
    excessive blood loss.
    (N.B. All stats are taken from the Mercer & Gilbert Study)

    Just because you have had 2 caesareans it doesn't mean that you are at greater risk of rupture than someone who has only had one. As long as you are not induced and don't have any drugs to "speed things up" during labour, your risk of rupture is less than 1 in about 350 and your chance of success (even without any meaningful preparation) is about 3 in 4.


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