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And another one!!

Well this board has been busy with BFP posts this week and I am adding to the number!!

Finally got my BFP today today after 6 months TTC image

I had a feeling something was different this month but yesterday I woke up with AF pains so said to DH I think we are out, today no AF and was due today/tomorrow, DH said after work today that he thought we should do a test so I went upstairs and did a superdrug one, the second line came up straight away so I ran downstairs in tears handing the test to DH blubbing that there is a second line. I then did a CBD which said pregnant 1-2.

I am so happy, very nervous though as really want a sticky christmas pudding! Still have a few cramps but I think this is normal from some of the posts I have read on here. My EDD is Xmas day!!

We did the SMEP plan this month for the first time and I ov'd on the Easter bank holiday weekend so we were a bit more chilled out over the OV - BD period.

Not had many symptoms, needing to pee more and been a bit headachy - like the feeling you get when you haven't drank enough. Boobs have been the same as they are in the run up to AF. A couple of girls at work this week have asked me if I am ok as I look pale and peaky (I didn't think I did) but maybe this has something to do with it!!

Wish you all BFP's very soon and sprinkling lots of baby dust!!

B xx


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