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another boring sat night!!!

Anyone else home alone!!

hubs has gone to work and lo in bed so its just me the laptop and CSI new york!! lol



  • me me me. Although my hubby isn't at work he's gone to his mates for a poker night so it's just me, fighting the dogs and cats for space on the sofa watching sex and the city and visiting here of course.
    Oh well nights alone give me time to symptom spot lol!!
  • yes i am on here, and hubby is watching the football, borning night for me too,

  • Me too- my hubby is stuck in Germany! Was sent on a training course and was due back yesterday but won't be back until late Tues night image Totally sucks cos I don't know anyone where we live so bit bored.
    Somehow have spent 2 hours watching Snog Marry Avoid on iplayer with a bottle of wine for company lol
  • glad i'm not the only one stuck in!!!
    have a bottle of wine in the fridge but may save it for tomorrow night!! me and hubs and snuggle sundays!! he he!! wink wink!!
  • I've af due on Tues so be another week before wink wink snuggles for us. Sodding volcano lol On the upside we're ttc again after this af as we took a month off (didn't want another dec baby) so hopefully be making up for lost time woohoo!
  • i'm hoping to avoid jan baby as hubs and lo are both in Jan!!!

    if i have another 76 day cycle i should miss it!!! lol

    this bloody volcano business has been a nightmare!! i dont understand though as we have had clear blue skies all day here!! (Bristol!!)
  • I'm in Bristol too! Was planning to hide inside from the dust clouds with tins of beans as per the Daily Mail website but I'm from Ireland and we never see that blue a sky more than three times a year so be darned if I was sitting in missing it. That said i spend most the morning out at Cribbs... lol
    We'd dd in Dec 08 and lost ds dec 09 so kinda fancied a christmas without the ho-ha this year if possible!
    76 day cycle that is crazy! As much as I hate and loathe af it is still nice to have regularity
  • yaaay another bristol lady!! i'm really sorry to hear about your loss.

    being regular would be really amazing!! i just worked out i wouldn't ov until start of june it is is another 76 dayer!!! boooo!

    we had a bbq this afternoon it was soo lovely to be able to sit in the garden!!

    i don't think i have been to cribbs in about 6/8 months!!
  • Mmmm bbq's are brill! Was thinking earlier when Britains Got Talent was on that must be time to dust off the charcoals.
    We only moved here 3 months ago so I'm still discovering Cribbs. I'm looking an outfit for a wedding and can't face going into town as last time I went to cabot circus I felt like a million years old in the ugliest clothes ever lol I swear the girls walking about dressed better than I do on a night out! That said at 33 maybe I am pushing it lol
    Are your cycles normally that long? Mine are weird they always come on the same date even before was pregnant. I lost Casey on 22nd and my af now comes on 21st each month, before that it was 19th doesn't matter how long or short the month is!
    Where in Bristol are you? We're in Henleaze and it the village seems full of old people all the time- is this where everyone sends their grandparents to live and we've just been suckered in by the estate agent? lol
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