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Hey girlies,

I had my baby girl 11th april at 3.26pm had a bad labour and she was deliverd by ventouse as everytime i went to push her heart beat kept dropping so they wanted to get her out asap.
I had a small tear which i had one stich in but MY GOD does it sting when i have to go for a wee (TMI) sorry,im finding it sooo uncomfortable i have to actually get in the bath every time i need a wee because i find it stings less sounds weird i know but really does help,

Any one else with this problem? or have ever had stiches?

Is thier anything else i can do to help heal it quicker.

Mummy to tegan louise bullimore born on sunday 11th april 2010 3.26pm brighton hospital ventouse delivery,weighing 7lbs xx


  • Hey I had a third degree tear right down to my bum, had to get 1 stitch in it too. I found when peeing to bring a jug of warm water & as I pee pour it over the area.

    Also to heal the stitch I took 15 drops of each lavender & tea tree oil, mix it in with some milk & add it to a warm bath, really helped me heal quicker (the milk is so the oil doesn't sit on top of water).

    Modified to say, drink lots of fluid too cause the more u drink the more diluted ur pee is so it doesn't sting.

    Hope this helps, I can feel ur pain!!!

    Jayne & rhea xx

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  • I've never torn or had stitches but I also was told by the mw that if you find peeing uncomfortable than take a jug of water with you and pour it over the area as you go. So just a repeat of what Jayne said. Hope it helps.
    Karen + Kayleigh-Mae x
  • I was lucky and did not need any stitches as only had a couple of grazes but really feel for you as I still found it really stingy to go for a pee and also resorted to peeing in the bath every time.

    I thought that maybe keeping the area wet by doing this every time was a really bad idea as it may make healing time longer so decided to try and stop doing it.

    I have found that sitting on the loo backwards really does help and only stings for a second. Since I have stopped using the bath all the time I seem to have healed and can now go to the loo pain free (most of the time)
  • I had to have a stitch across a 2nd degree tear by my bum and a couple of small tears on my lady bits. It is stingy when I wee but not as bad as I thought it might be. I'm much more worried about my first poo which I haven't had but know is imminent!! So undignified this childbirth malarky isn't it?! X Feebs and grace (3 days)
  • my mw snipped mine on about day 6 as they were tugging and boy did it make a difference - i felt like a new person! you could try asking about this!!! xx
  • Hi Feebs,
    Just to say that I was worried about my first poo but it arrived last night - hilarious TMI! Mine was a 2nd degree tear too this time - last dd I had a 3rd degree and that was horrendous but this really wasn't too bad. Hold a pad up to your pelvic floor so you feel a bit supported.

    Also, pineapple or stewed apples are very good ways of getting your system moving and softening everything up.

    As for the wee-ing, I have the same advice as everyone else really, mainly drink drink drink!! Water that isimage

  • thanks MM> Ive still not performed but know it wont be long! Will def use your tip about the pad...

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