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My little update

Hi Everyone,
I haven't posted much recently, been quite busy (if you dont know Im from London but have been in Australia since Nov last year. I have recently been home for 2 weeks and now back in Sydney).
I got my 1st after 5 weeks after my d&c and we decided that we would ttc again right away. i must be very lucky as this weekend I got my bfp! (1st cycle since mc). we are obviously very happy, but dont want to get too carried away just yet - tbh i cant see past the next 4 weeks (i had a missed mc at 7+5 last time).
Just wanted to thank you all for your support the last couple of months and good luck to you all ttc. I mean this in the nicest poss way, but i hope that i wont be joining you again (although i will hang about for a bit if thats ok?)


  • congratulations hun,

    just replied to you in dec - there's a few of us there so we can all hold each others hand during the scary first trimester.

    x x x

  • Congratulations, hope you have a very very sticky bean xx
  • Hi Pretty_pink, great to see you back and with such good news too!!! Congratulations!!!! I am on my first month of ttc after my mmc now but dont think I am going to be lucky this month, hopefully next month might be our month.

    Heres to a happy and healthy pregnancy for you

  • congrats hun, so pleased for you xx
  • congrats hun, so pleased for you xx
  • congrats hun!! lots of sticky dust image
    like jacquid im also on my 1st month of TTC but realy doubtful so hopefuly next month!! image fingers crossed anyways image
    good luck wid everything! x
  • Big congratulations to you. Zxx
  • Congratulations sweetie!!!!! Fantastic news!
  • Thanks guys. I didnt think we had done it this month as i didnt 'feel anything' except hormonal and af type cramps (which I didnt get with my last bfp), so finegrs crossed to you. xxx
  • Ah congrats darl - hope its a very sticky bean xxx
  • Congrats PP!! Fantastic news!!
    Wishing you a very H+H 9 mos!
    And yeah... really hope we dont see you on here...(for all the good reasons!!)

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