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Ok Ladies, I'm due to go in for my elective section on the 28th this month as bubs is breech, foot down and huge (awkward just like his dad!)

Anyhow, having dilligently packed my bags for a nice normal birth, obviously I'm going to have to change them up a bit more now... so what do you recommend? How many of things should I take? I know about the big knickers (and I've also got some of the fetching NCT stringy pants) but what else do I need? How many nappies/babygrows/changes of clothes should I take?

I'm guessing as my section is on a Weds PM they will try and get me Discharged on the Friday night so I'm not in at the weekend, is that reasonable on a first baby/section or am I just assuming too much?


  • Personally I think you may be wishful thinking in getting out on Friday. They don't treat weekends as any different to weekdays and therefore won't be rushing you anywhere. I left 4 days after cs but think if you recover well, you could be looking at a Saturday discharge.

    On the big knickers - make sure they go up to your waist. I bought loads of bigger sized knickers, 18 & 20's (I'm normally a 14) but they all fitted around the scar so had to send DH off for some granny pants!

    As you may be in for a few days make sure you pack a couple of changes of clothes for yourself. Something generous fitting and stretchy, I found maternity ones just fell off me but normal ones didn't have a chance of fitting. I'd recommend leggings/jogging bottoms.

    I didn't take a great deal into hospital but I had several bags packed in the boot of the car so that DH could bring in exactly what I needed.

    Wishing you lots of luck xx
  • Thanks lawso - I'm not that bothered about when I get out, although I think it might be a culture shock for hubbie - I think he's expecting that I'll just be in and out for a night - and no amount of telling him otherwise is sinking in!

    Good point about the knickers - I'll make sure they are monsters - I think the ones I have are but I'll check to be sure!

    My leggings are all quite tight, so I'm not convinced they will be great over the scar, but I'll pack some floaty frocks - that should help.

    Good point too about bags for DH to bring in - otherwise I'd end up in my sequinned xmas tops or something!
  • This is useful, thanks ladies! I've bought big pants but reading this I'm wondering if they're quite big enough! It's hard to tell cos at the moment they won't quite go over my bump properly image

    I'm lucky re: clothes for me and baby. The clinic where I'm having my section is on the same road as me, just 3 mins from our house! So I can send hubby back and forth as many times as needed if things take longer than expected. Plus, no car park fees! We'll be walking to and (hopefully!) from, the birth. I think that's why I'm being so lax about doing my bags - I'm 35 weeks on Monday and still don't have them done! x
  • Well, having re-visited my pants this morning I've decided that they probably aren't big enough, so I'm going to go off to Mothercare and buy some more over the bump pants which should be plenty big enough! (so long as they don't fall down!) Perhaps I'll buy a size smaller to stop embarrassment!
  • hi hun, i would say every woman is different, recovery time is different, i was in on Friday night had em c section on the early hours on the Sunday, went home on Tuesday, with my 2nd i was in Wednesday n home Friday, so it might happen.

    with what to bring, big knickers, pads cos you will bleed loads, nipple pads breast feeding or not, comfy clothes, wash bag, dark towel, mags to read cos you might be waiting till all the 1st pro c sections first, but they like to do it before 12, nightgowns, feeding bras, 6/8 vests, 2 tops per down, 2 bottoms per day, sock, going home outfit and loads of nappies.
  • Just on the knickers again - don't go for too bigger sized ones, the size 18 & 20's that I bought just fell off me. I got size 16 granny pants and they fitted perfectly and I'm normally a 14 xx
  • I've played safe and bought 18 maternity pants (they were cheap in the sale) I'm usually an 18/20 so they should do. The problem with the grannie pants is they don't seem to do them in black image
  • I got my granny pants from Asda, the full briefs. They did have them in black, ??4 for a pack of 5.

    Nighties not PJs for the first day as you will have a catheter and possibly a wound drain in.

    Lots of maternity towels, not just for the bleeding, but they are great to put against the wound once they remove the dressing, to keep it dry and comfy.

    Manuka honey, both to ingest and pop on the wound to aid healing once the dressing is off.

    Treat yourself to a Theraline Caesarean belt - mine proved a godsend and I'm sure it's aided my super quick recovery. Having done a C section with one and one without, I think they are sooooo worth the money!

    They do still discharge over the weekend, so you wouldn't be kept in all weekend just because it was a weekend. I had my C section on Tuesday morning and we were discharged by lunchtime on Thursday, my hospital has a 48 hour discharge policy if mum and baby are well, might be worth asking your midwife what their policy is. I had the section in the morning (he was born at 9.48 and I was in theatre for about another hour) and I spent the first day/overmight in High Care being observed and was then moved to a regular ward at 8am the next morning, after having the world's best shower!
  • Thanks Mrs S! I've already taken your advice and bought the Theraline so here's hoping it will be as useful as you think it is - and I've stocked up on extra pads... as for the granny pants - I've got a big bum so I got some mega pants from tesco (??3 for 5) in white and I'll just dye them black!

    I've also stocked up on Arnica tablets - figure they won't do me any harm!

    Glad you got out so quickly - here's hoping mine won't be too protracted either (9 days left!)

    It might not be too unbearable anyhow, I found out today that one of the other girls from my NCT has to go for an ECV tomorrow morning and if she doesn't get hers turned then there's every likelyhood she'll be in when I am - we can keep each other company!
  • Take a cd with you so that your baby can be borne to your favorite tune

    I also took Arnica and it really helped - you should start taking them couple of days before the op
  • Thanks Minnagg, although with my taste in music that might not be such a good idea! Thanks for the advice on the Arnica tho, I'll start it on Monday.
  • I'm taking lots of notes from this list! I was going to ask about cesarean belts today anyway and if anyone had one ( was getting one. Nice to know they're a good idea! Does anyone know if they sell them in Mothercare? I'm based in Spain and don't really know where to go for one... but Mothercare is an hour's drive away so not good unless I know for sure they have them! If not, I might try Amazon or Ebay.
    Thanks ladies! You're a godsend!
  • Hiya - yes, they sell the one Mrs S recommends in Mothercare, that's where I got it. They are in ours beside all the maternity pads and stuff like that.
  • Ok, grreat thanks. I know where hubby is taking me this weekend image
  • They also sell the Theraline on Amazon if that helps.

    Another thought - if you like them, take a small pack of prunes or other dried fruit in with you. The surgery can interrupt your digestive system and they are a nice healthy way of getting some gentle fibre and, erm, bowel encouragement down you! Makes your first post-section poo a nice soft easy one, and faster too - midwives seem to be obsessed with when you're able to wee and poo after delivery!
  • Ooooh good idea mrs S - I'll add that one to my list - our local co-op has some nice partially dehydrated figs, so they are still a bit squishy, I'll put some of them in with the haribo!

  • Thanks for the Amazon tip! I'll check it out on there, see if i can get it delivered instead of traipsing down to Murcia!

    I don't particularly like prunes, but I'll eat anything to save being bunged up, it's the worst feeling in the world! xx
  • Yes all of the above and also tke magazines or book and maybe some crisps and flap jacks as u may get hungry at random times !!! also lucozade I found it very difficult to sleep on the ward due to not being able to put baby down and other babies so I was downing lucozade during day and reading.
    I was in on thurs hd section at lunch and out 48 hrs later there was no way I would stay in longer it was too busy so you should be ok depending on wound healing. My friend is a homeopath and gave me a cocktail of herbal remedies and I made a really fast recovery. I don't know whether that was why (i suspect so) but if u can maybe worthwhile visiting one.
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