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They think it's all over.......

Ok, I may be completely insane here but....

My hcg blood test was 3/4, a pregnant woman is 5. A none pregnant womans is 0.

I had some ewcm type stuff when I wiped yesterday which was pinky, i assumed this was the onset of the bleed, but had nothing since, not even when I wipe.

WTF is going on?!

I am now 13dpo, and af is 4 days late.

Grrrr hate this limboimage

It still doesn't explain the four bfp's I had either


  • Oh my goodness I have everything crossed for you that this is it.
    I have no idea about the hcg levels so sorry I can't help on that front I just have all my fingers crossed for you!
  • have you tested again chick?
  • i dont know if this is a silly, or too sensitive question, so i apologise in advance just in case, but what made you think/know you had lost beany? was it this small bleed you just mentioned? if i remember, i think beckywoo had a bit of that, and shes pg about 8 week i think. things may be looking up for you? xxx
  • thats what i was thinking keri-anne!
  • maybe it was a late implant bleed chick x
  • are they going to test you again in a few days to see if its rising?
    Hope so, and hope its a sticky bean just getting comfy. Fingers crossed tightly for you hon xxx
  • hi have you tryed testing with cbd? x
  • I tested at 10dpo got a faint positive, then yesterday, it was bfn and I was in really bad pain in my side and was told by my gp to go hospital fo blood test xx
    I think in clutching at straws and should face the facts really xx
  • Really really hope you have a sticky bean BP you deserve it soooo much. Please keep us updated xxx
  • Hi hun, am in similar situation so I totally know how you feel with the not knowing whats going on and being in limbo.

    Hope you get some answers soon hun, take care and try not to stress anymore than you already are but i know it it hard.

    Sending you a big hug xx
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