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A TMI question for anyone who has given birth recently

This is my 2nd pregnancy but with 9 yrs between this and my last im finding it hard to remember.

Can you tell the difference between the urge to push and the urge to poo?

Im terrified of poohing during labour infront of dh image

Last time I cleared my bowels during the first stage of labour but this was becasue my ds was 4 wks early and I didnt think I was in labour but thought I had a tummy bug (oops). Also my labour was quite fast, only 5 hours from from first ache to holding ds.
So this time I think Ill be too scared to push for a pooh incase its time to push for the baby if you know what i mean. Just wondering if anyone can offer reassuracne that I will know the difference and beable to clear my bowls b4 Im actually ready to give birth.

Thanks XX
Looby 32+6


  • Don't worry hon you can definately tell the difference! My labour was only 9 hours with ds, and all the week before I was pooing loads as my body cleared out - I thought I had a tummy bug as well.

    I needed to go when I was having contractions, and was worried then but felt if I didn't go I would poo myself. So I went, and it came easily & no pain etc. I bloody knew the difference as soon as the urge to push baby came!!

    It feels completely different, they are similar muscles you use, but more of them & the urge to push baby is much stronger; you can't resist it. I felt it all in my tummy with wanting to push the baby out as well, and of course it tends to come right on a contraction.

    Pooing was completely different; it was only my worry stopping me from going, and felt nothing like the baby - when its the baby, you will know!!

    Good luck hon xxx
  • Aw thanks thats really reassuring XX
  • hey hun,

    not every one poos in labour. i didnt and the pushing sensation feels nothing like it. you will know the difference. either way, its a magical experience which will bring u and hubby even closer together. xxx
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