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Thoughts on Princess Royal Maternity Hosptial Glasgow?


Just wondering if anyone has had their baby at Princess Royal Maternity Hosptial Glasgow recently. I might be going there and may need a C section just wondering what other ladies thought of it. I know that it has recently been done up but don't know what facilities they have yet. Will try posting in pregnancy too.



  • Hi there,

    I had my daughter at the Princess Royal Maternity in Glasgow on 13th March, and to be honest i was very pleased with the treatment both my daughter and i received.

    My waters broke at around 8.30pm on Friday 12th March and phoned the Royal and was told to come straight in to be checked, we got there and waited a wee while to be seen by the doctor, then when i was examined by the doctor around 11pm my waters REALLY went and i was 3cm dilated so was put into a private room to wait for my contractions to start. And they DID just after midnight.

    I was then put up to a labour suite which was lovely, shiney and new where i was put on gas and air and bounced happily on the birthing ball (god send!! didn't want to get on the bed at all!!) then around 3.45am my contractions were coming so close together i was examined by the doctor and they asked me if i felt the urge to push (which i didn't!!) but was surprised to hear i was fully dilated - but just at that point my little angel's heartbeat dropped WAY down and they told me i had to go to theatre for forceps and was whisked round there and within what felt like minutes i had my spinal block in and my angel was out and safe!!

    What i didn't know until later was that the cord was wrapped around my babies neck and needed to get out asap and without the doctors and nurses hard work and attention things could've been a lot different.....

    I was then put up to ward 69 in which Angie and Nicola were the Midwifes i seen most - they were absolutely FANTASTIC without a doubt. They really cared and listened to you and told you a lot of things that you really need to know!!

    So all in all my thoughts are that in my opinion and from my experience - i'd have another baby there in a heartbeat!!

    Hope that helps?

    Any other questions give me a shout.

    Broxi xxx;\)
  • just g/c from ttc as I'm near Glasgow too! Just had to say what a lovely, heartfelt reply that was Broxi! You obviously had a lovely experience there x
  • Hi Broxi,

    Thank you so much for your reply so nice to hear a good birth experience. I was just quite curious as I knew it had had a face lift but that it's also extremely busy. It's not actually my local hospital but I had attended A&E at the start of my pregnancy & ended up at PRMH (all fine now though) and wanted to continue with my care there seen as I'd already been to the hospital. Was just starting to panic a little as everyone wants to know why I'm not going locally and was starting to question if I'd made the right decision. All positive responses though from messageboards to happy now. Congratulations on the arrival of your daughter so glad you had a really positive experience.

    Thanks again

  • Hi Girls,

    Thanks for you're response Sun_Shine - sending you lots of babydust to you and wish you all the luck in the world ttc - it can be a long road but you'll get there (speaking from experience - ectopic (2008) and 2 mc (2009) before finally conceiving our angel!!) all the best xx

    pb81 - glad i could be of some help in settling you're worries - i'm sure you'll be fine and wishing you all the best for you're future and god bless you're wee angel when he/she arrives.

    Broxi xx
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