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Terrified i'll be refused an elective!!

Hi all, I've posted in here a few times and as some of you may remember I had my daughter by emergency c-section 13 months ago as the cord was wrapped around her ankles and she was in distress, it was an awful experience and I was convinced she was going to die!! There's no way I can go through that again and so had decided to have an elective this time however this morning a friend of mine in a similar situation has been refused an elective and has been told she has to have a vbac as there is no medical reason for her to have a c-section this time!! I'm now terrified that this will happen to me too, I thought that once you'd had a c-section you had the right to chose in the future!! My consultants appointment isn't until the 5th July so I've got ages to wait and am now getting more and more stressed out!! Does anyone know if they can do this or are they just trying it on with my friend? Is there any kind of legislation or law that sayss we can definately choose? Help please xxx


  • Hi,
    I don't know if there's any law as such but perhaps you should try to speak to someone before if you are so stressed about it? Perhaps your midwife can help clear up your doubts and concerns on why electives are offered / refused.
    Sorry can't offer much help but didn't want to read and run
  • u do have a medical reason, one the fear of it going wrong again and too the small but real risk of scar rupture, if u have had a previous section and they can not refuse u an elective the next time as if they force u to labour and somehting goes wrong u could hold them accountable, no doubt tho they will try to push u for a vbac for various reasons but if u want an elective c section rather than a vbac they can't force u to have a vbac...but remember if they start spouting u have no medical reason make sure u point out to them the risk of scar rupture whi like i say alhtough a small risk, is a very real risk, plus if ur fearful of the labour/birth u can also say u might be suffering from tokophobia (sp?)...i'm not sure if there is an actual law but liek i say if they forve u into a vbac and it goes wrong u cld very well sue them so usually they will back down and let u have the elective.

    perhps in the meantime whilst ur waiting for ur consultant appointment try contacting the head of midwifery at the hospital and se what she says, although it won't eb her decsision she'll no more about the hospitals policies etc and what u wld need to do to ensure ur listened to, i wld also urge ur friend to request another consutant for a second opinion, u find some are more willing than others xx
  • I'd ask to see my consultant now rather than wait until July - besides the risk of scar rupturing you could have secondary tokophobia because of your first experience and that too is a medical reason for a c section. Good luck xx
  • you should be given the choice esp due to your previous labour i would have a chat with the midwife. i have been told i will have the choice next time (bubs was stuck)

    they can advise you try but i dont think they can make you,
  • I strongly agree with WowBaby about involving the head mw at the hospital. This worked for me! My last delivery was a nightmare, baby was large and he got stuck, it was extremely traumatic and distressful. Consequently, with this preg, from the very beginning I told them I could not face going though labour again, especially if this baby would be on the large side, which several scans confirmed she is. My consultant kept saying there was no medical reason for a CS, that a natural delivery was best. It left me feeling anxious, couldnt sleep at night. I remembered reading a notice in the hospital about the role of Head Hospital Midwife, the different things they can help you with, one being helping to get the delivery you want. I contacted her, and what an amazing women. She arranged a second meeting with Consultant, just having her there with me gave me the confidence to tell the consultant what I wanted and why. I'm now booked in for a CS next Thurs!! Good luck hun xx
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