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Water retention.

Did any of you suffer from bad water retention, particularly legs, ankles and feet after birth? Mine seems worse now and just wondering how long it took to go away and how I can speed it up? My feet are so swollen I can hardly bend my toes or ankles and they feel awful.


  • Me! I am the same! I have developed a whole new chunky part of my leg behind my thigh that I can now feel when I bend my knee. The midwife in hospital said it is hormone changes and can take up to 2 weeks. It's a good job I am not going out anywhere because I have no chance of getting shoes on! x
  • Hey guys I got this real bad on the 3rd day my feet and ankles were huge I looked like eddy murphy in the nutty professorthry were huge. Any way me said drink lots of water and keep feet elevated and wee was much as possible it went down after 4 days and I have my lovely daignth ankles back. Oh the joys if post pregnancy lol
  • Thank God it's not just me! And there was I thinking the cankles of pregnancy were bad enough!
  • yeah mine are nearly back to normal now after a week but they were huge at first!!!
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