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whose toddler no longer naps?

Pepi is now 27 months old and has 2 hour nap after lunch,usually 1 to 3.I dont think she should drop it yet as I really believe children should nap until they are at least 3.BUT with the sunny weather she really does not want to sleep after lunch and seems to survive until the evening,but I mean just that,survive.Come 4 o clock she is anything from quiet and just wanting to watch tv to plain down miserable and really tired.we start bedtime routine from 5 and she is asleep straight at 7 pm and sleeps till next morning 8,8.30 am,which is very unlike her,lol.If she had a nap,she would be full of energy well into the evening,laughing,chatting,playing,running about,she would then fall asleep around 9 pm and wake at 7 in the morning,sometimes a bit earlier.So what to do?I dont want to force her to sleep after lunch,but I eqaully dont want her to be in a zombie state from late afternoon/early evening.She is very advanced,speaks in full sentences in 2 languages,but I cant see that continue to be the case if all she can master energy for aftrenoon is watching cartoons or cry.What is your opinion?Thank you.


  • hi honey, my dd dropped her naps very quickly after turning two. Just like pepi she still appeared to need one, as would seem tired all afternoon, but for love nor money would she allow herself to nod off.

    I've just had to go with it to be honest, and as 2aries said, she goes to bed pretty early, is in bed no later than 7pm and she's more than happy with this.

    She's 2 and a half now and there are odd days where she'll fall asleep on the sofa, once in a blue moon though.

    Sometimes i really wish she'd just give in to the fatuigue and allow herself even half an hour, but she seems to not want to miss anything and wont. It's just a natural stage to drop the naps i think! xx
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