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Drinking on the 2ww

Just a quick question do any of you drink alcohol on your 2 ww i had people round last night and had one glass wine and felt really guilty just in case i was pregnant. Think i ov'd tuesas got +opk on mon altough was getting af type twinges on both days so earliest i can test is sat 1st may i'm already wishing the days away i hate the not knowing



  • I asked a similar question last month as I've been bothered about this too.
    The consensus was it shouldn't cause too much of a prob before implantation and its a personal choice.
    I've personally decided not to do as [email protected] such a worrier, its one less thing to worry about. We had friends round during my last 2ww and I discovered that Schloer (fizzy non alco grpae juice) looks exactly like the white wine and lemonade I usually drink, I just made sure nobody was looking when I topped up and nobody was anybody the wiser!
  • Thanks for you're reply i too am a worrier i won't be having any more until i test on saturday
  • I am in the 2ww and had a few last night. Even if the embryo has implanted, it doesn't take anything from you until 6 weeks, so I think it's ok. I'm a bit worried about alcohol affecting implantation itself.
  • Hia
    sorry im g/c but just wanted to comment!!
    I had a mc and after that I spend 13 months ttc. i did not touch a drop the whole time cos i was so worried about another mc. However it got to the point where ttc was taking over so we decided to toaly relax and just leave things happen in their own time (this was month 13ttc). So we went out a few times with friends and I got drunk three times!! About a week later I found out I was pregnant. Obviously i didnt touch a drop throughout the rest of my pregnancy but I just wanted to reassure you that my dd was born perfectly healthy so drinking during my 2ww did her no harm
    good luck ttc
  • I agree with Luc86, we were ttc for 16 months and it started to take over our lives, i was miserable and missed so many nights out becasue i 'might' have been preg. I went out and had a few beers and got a little tipsey, few days later got my BFP. I had an odd glass of wine throughout my preg and although i do not advocate getting drunk or making it a habit an odd glass wont hurt. I had a gorgeous healthy baby boy and an easy preg. Good luck ttc
    p.s we are ttc no.2 now.
  • yes i still have the odd drinky poo on the 2ww otherwise like the others said ttc would take over your life...
  • Me to, I had a few last night.

    With my first pregnancy (a nice surprise finding out at 7 weeks gone) I had quite a lot to drink the week before at a wedding and worried myself sick about it. I obviously didn't drink for the rest of the pregnancy and baby was perfect.

    I'm sure a moderation in the 2ww is the key to keeping your sanity!xx
  • Thanks for your replies i will feel less guilty about having a beer now. Like you say if you let ttc take over then i will have no life
    Marie x
  • For my first 4 cycles TTC I didn't drink in the 2ww and I was soooooo careful what I ate etc. Then last month I went to my friend's wedding 1 week into my 2ww and I thought, oh well I'm going to have a drink and just relax and lo and behold I ended up getting my BFP a week later! image

  • Hi I was going to post today asking exactly the same question! Had a few glasses of wine last night and spent the day today feeling a bit hungover and guilty as I'm in 2ww due on 1st may. Thanks for words of reassurance ladies
  • Just had to hunt throu to find this thread we have a christening on sun, which hubby is godfather, I'm quite ashamed to say when we all get togther for a big event, we are sterotypcal binge drinkers and us girls easy drink a bottle each, I'm really worried about sun as the.others will think something is going on if I don't drink. I think I'm dpo4 now x
  • Honestly I think that although it's a personal choice, I don't have an issue with it. With my dd we weren't trying and flew out to Italy to plan our wedding, went for a day at the races, had a boozy long weekend over Easter all before I realised I was pregnant. Second time was planned and I didn't drink for few weeks beforehand, took the vitamins and basically did everything 'right' but unfortunately our ds still had a chromosone problem. It did help that I was able to feel better in myself that there was nothing I could have done differently but also has helped me think I'll be a bit more relaxed this time round image though will knock the goodies on the head once I get that bfp!
  • PrincessA - could you just say your on antibiotics or something like that? Or you could say you got really drunk on saturday night and too hungover to drink again on sun??
  • G/C.... I drunk and smoked a lot on my 2ww, I figured I might not be able to for much longer... and I was right! Am now 10 weeks preg and baby has a heart beat. (no longer drinking and have cut down now to 2 ciggies a week)

    Just enjoy yourself as normal!
  • Until I get a bfp i will carry on as normal, i don't drink much anyway and never get drunk, just the odd one now and again, as said above, they don't take anything from you for the first few weeks, it's just a clump of cells until then image
  • They will all know what I'm up to, I will just try and sneakly get some lemonade or somethin in it to water it down and make them think I have got a full glass! I would feel guilty I think x
  • I worked with a girl who had a wedding or something to go to when she was in early pregnancy and wanted to keep it quite. What she did was filled a vodka bottle with water, brought it along and said they were skint so she was sneaking her own drink in, That way she was able to get away with people just buying her orange/ coke. I thought that was pretty clever.
  • I think I will just carry on as normal. I don't drink during the week not one of those types that can have an odd glass of wine with tea etc. I only drink every other weekend on a Saturday but I do binge when I do drink and can put away quite a bit cider. As soon as I get my BFP then all alcohol will stop of course xx

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