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I've seen these shoes that I think are really cute but just wondering if they're ok for my los feet? These wouldn't be to wear every day as she has a 'proper' pair of shoes that she wears most of the time but they might be a bit heavy when it gets warm.|00SK00|00S00&returnurl=/shop/gattdepartment-fashion-gattgender-youngergirls-4?nxti=0&nxtv=000&isort=price&bct="Shop By Product" > Fashion > Younger Girls


  • they are very cute but just on a personal level i am not bying hayden flip flop or open toed shoes till he is older cause i just know how accident prone he is in shoes!!! his poor feet would never survive the summer! LOL
  • TBH I've seen a few toddlers trip quite a bit when wearing shoes like this, when they're not concentrating on how they're walking (as toddlers don't!) ans the very front bit of the shoe folding underneath.

    Clarks do a range called Doodles that might be worth a look - still 'proper' shoes as far as their feet are concerned but a bit lighter for the summer.

    Also, my SIL (who doesn't have kids and tends to buy cute but impractical presents) bought something similar for my son, I tried them on him in the house the other day, just to see what they looked like, and he cried!
  • I did think that about them which is why I wanted other ppls opinions. ur poor lo! I like the doodles tho but unforutanely our local clarks are rubbish at fitting shoes x
  • I live on an island so choice is very limited! There's another shop that I go to that sells 'proper' shoes for all her shoes they sell hush puppies i walk etc everythin but Clarks and they are absolutely fab the very first time we went we were in there for about an hour makin sure they fitted properly whereas we popped into clarks cos it was marginally cheaper the girl measured her feet really quickly and then said oh we've got nothing in her size at the moment we asked when they'd be getting sum more in and she was just I dunno! So I think if we complained we'd get a similar reaction they don't care and every1 I speak t doesn't go there for kids shoes!
  • Hi, we bought dd these last summer:

    They were so so fab and comfortable for her we have got her a new pair for this summer!

    That is not the best pic of them, but they are so cute in real life!

    I think it depends on how your little girl walks as to whether she can have flip flops or not - I know my dd would be tripping over everywhere in them! Which is a great shame as there are loads of gorgeous sandals out there!


  • Tottie those shoes are so cute! I was also thinking of some of those kind of shoes and they're more sensible and practical than the flip flops! x
  • clarks do lots of sandals. we r getting millie some before we go on holiday to menorca xx
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