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Starting to potty train lo as she seems ready. I've got the pants, potty, toilet seat cushion but just wondering how to go about it.

My oh is a right pain in the bum! He gets so stressed when accidents happen as one happened the other day and he got so stressed and I keep telling him that it will be putting lo off as she mights see it as she gets in trouble if accidents happen, etc.

If you have started how did you start? And how did it go?

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  • no experience with girls but I am potty training my ds. He's 30months and very advanced in most things but not this!! Boys tend to be harder than girls so you might have more success than me!!

    We are at the stage (and have been at this for about 2 months now!!) where I will take his nappy off when he wakes and he'll go straight on his potty and do a wee. He will then be happy in the house for 3-4hours, naked from waist down, and when he wants a wee and a poo will happily go in his potty. I then progressed to putting little pants on him in the house, but this confused him and last sunday pee'd in 7 pairs withing an hour!!! so until he "gets" the pants, I can't continue any futher and am stuck with how to proceed next!!! so I would start with bare bum time in the house and see how she goes with that, just keep reminding her the potty is there.

    as for you oh, mine is a bit the same but I have had to amke it clear that a bit of pee doesn't matter and one thing you can't do is make a big deal out of it or get angry cause this will set lo back further and they'll be scared to go incase they get told off. Lo's wee is a lot less strong than ours, ds's hardly smells at all so what the harm if there is some pee on the carpet!! I just keep plenty of anti-bac wipes and spray to hand! Although Shea did pee on my couch at the weekend and it took hours to dry!!!!
    hope this helps you get started xx
  • Hi chick, well, a few months back we had a false start with potty training, i thought she was ready, and as she's very advanced in other areas i assumed she'd pick it up in no time. At this point she would have been about 27/28 months. i took a week off work as wanted to do it intensely. introduced potty and knickers etc, but whilst she knew when she needed to poo, with wee'd she really obviously did not know when she needed to go, and we spent 4days getting upset and stressed over accidents and she just couldnt get the hang of it bless her. we called it quits as i realised she wasnt ready.

    about 3weeks back She watched her little friend use the potty, and then asked to use hers at home, which she did, and managed to do a wee on, and over the next couple of days she took more of an interest so i took the pllunge again, ditched the nappies and she basically took the lead, she knew when she needed to wee and would take herself off to the potty. The difference in her in such a short period of time is unbelievable and just goes to show there comes a point where something must just "click" and bladder and brain start to work together so that they can "hold" urine and recognise when they need to go. She's now dry during the day times, we have of course had the odd accident but it's going great. She isnt remotely interested in the proper toilet yet, if anything she's a bit scared of it but i dont mind, i bought a pretty over sized handbag in primark for just ??6 and use this to take her potty out and about with us. Since starting 3weeks back she's now starting to go for longer between wee's and is obviously "holding" it when out and about.

    See how it goes, hopefully it'll go brilliantly for you, but don't worry if it doesn't go as planned, you can always wait a little while and try again xx
  • Thank you all so much for your replies!

    Well we've started and going well (touch wood)

    A few accidents on the first couple of days but now we have made a lot of progress! She has been telling us when needing and we just rush to toilet or potty. Fingers crossed we keep moving forward!

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  • aww good. millie is 19months and wees in her portty when she has no nappy on which is mainly in the evenings. i will potty train her properly after our holiday abroard in june. although she wees in it she wont poo in it so im not sure how i'll tackle that one!! xxx
  • The poos seem to be tricky! I've heard so many people say that when its time for lo to poo they need ask for nappy on. Maybe by the time you start potty training after your holiday that it will just all fall into place for Millie. Good luck for it when the time comes!
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