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do you use the naughty step?

My dd is generally pretty good when I tell her off for doing something naughty. However, there are a couple of things which she understands we say no but carries on with a cheeky smile on her face. These tend to be opening doors/drawers we dont want her too. Mainly our wardrobe and the dresser in the living room as they are new are more expensive so we want to take good care of them!
I know you will say that we made a rod for our own back in that she is allowed to open her drawers in her bedroom. But they are really easy to open and only Ikea, plus it does keep her entertained when she sits and takes her clothes out and re-arranges them! Was also thinking it may come in useful for other things she does in future which we dont want her doing.

I was thinking of introducing the naughty spot, as saying no and taking her way isnt working too well.

Im not going to do a naughty step as we have a step down into the kitchen and out the back door. If Im in the kitchen I often ask her to sit on the step if she is having a snack or a drink.

She will be turning 2 next week, and I was wondering...
1) do you use it for your lo/s
2) what age did you start, and did they understand it
3) Does it work? did they learn to stop doing something by putting them on the naughty spot/step?



  • We use it and yes, it works. My dd is normally a pretty easy going girl so when we put her on in time out (which is usually a chair or the steps outside) she gets upset therefore we only use it sparingly. Normally a verbal reprimand is abou all she needs.

    When we use it we:
    1. first give her a warning;
    2. put her in time out/on the chair for 2 minutes ( she was 2 in February);
    3. don't let her play iwth anything and take away any potential distractions;
    4. after 2 minutes, remind her why she's there;
    5. give her a hug and tell her we love her....

    GL, hope you figure out what will work for you...
  • Hiya I did a post on this a got some really useful advice from the other ladies. We've only used it a few times so far so haven't seen the full effects but I think its a good thing to teach her and help her understand when she's been naughty x

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  • We use it and for the most part it works pretty well.

    I'll give ds a warning first by saying that I'm going to count to 5 and if he doesn't do/stop doing what I ask then he'll have to go on the naughty step. He usually counts along with me and sometimes that's enough of a distraction to diffuse the situation but if he still won't cooperate he goes on the step. He hates it and cries which is horrible, after a couple of minutes I ask him if he'll now come and do whatever he was supposed to do in the first place and a lot of the time he'll say yes and we have a cuddle and get on with it. If he still says no, it's back to the step for another few minutes and so on. Generally works first time, though not always!
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