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Morning ladies ....... Here's a brief over view of what's been going on,

ov - cd 19
af due cd 33/ 14 dpo
14 dpo - light brown creamy discharge
15 dpo - nothing, no cramping or anything
16 dpo - v.v.light spotting, mild cramps
17 dpo - nothing as of yet.....

What's going on???



  • Quite possibly a BFP!!!!

    Have you tested yet?

  • No the though of testing scares me.... I've not tested for months as it was jus getting me down, seeing those BFN's
    I have appointment tomorrow with infertility nurse, I may test tomorrow before my appointment. Arggh this is horrible isn't it??

  • oooww cupcake I soooo hope its a BFP for you,

    fingers crossed and sending u a load of sticky baby dust image x

    Keep us posted
  • Thank you both.... But I just don't know what to think. Although it's not really like me for my cycle to be like this...due to start 4th cycle of clomid.

  • Try and relax until tomorrow, you never know!

    I know what you mean about not testing, i gave up on that months ago also, ive done hundreds of tests over the 4 years ttc, and never once seen a BFP. All that wasted money! :cry: :roll:

    Good luck, let us know how you get on xxx
  • Cupcake It sounds so very promising, I really hope this is it for you. Let us know how you get on. Good luck. xx
  • Ooh good luck CC, it does sound hopeful. Kepp us posted xx
  • Everything crossed for you cupcake!
  • Hey cupcake,

    goodluck for testing! Keeping my fingerscrossed its a BFP. xxx
  • Hey cupcake! Just to say, keeping everything crossed for you and I really hope that this is it for you. It's your turn hun!!!! xx
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