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Oh no, bleeding again.........

Morning ladies

I have just been to toilet and there was blood in it when I had a wee, bright red fresh bllod, and then pinkish when I wiped. I can't believe it, it feels like game over all ready.

I'm taking the day off work as Harrison has a swollen eye and really bad cough so taking him to docs, but going to book myself in as well, hopefully they will send me for a scan. I'm about 8 + 5, which is same time I lost baby in December.

I feel so crap and just want to cry, I really thought this one was a keeper (and still have my fingers crossed. I've had no other symptoms at all, no pain, no cramps, just a little bit of backache at about t time yesterday. I wouldn't be so bothered if it was 'dirty' blood but it was definately bright red then pink.

I'm sorry for rambling but I just feel like it's over already :cry:

Thank you for reading my post and I will keep you updated.


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  • Sam - please do not panic - the same thing happened to me. I went through the same thing at 8 weeks and got an early scan done. Everythng was fine. When I spoke to the lady doing the scan she said that she sees 6 women a day with the same thing and It doesn't matter what the blood is like cause every pregnancy is different. Insist on getting an early scan.

    Thinking of you xoxox
  • Hi hun

    I am home from EPAU now and everything is currently ok. Beanie has a good HB and I could see him/her wiggling their bum and waving their little stumpy arms, which was lovely. They also dated me at 9 weeks today so EDD is now 2nd December instead of 4th. Got my little pic as well and can see little leg buds and arms.

    They said I have a haematoma surrounding approximately 1/3 of the chorionic margin, which is probably the cause of the bleeding but not to worry about it, though it can in some cases result in MC depending where it's situated, so just keeping fingers crossed that beanie stays stuck :\)

    I have booked my 20 week scan as well while I was there as they said I won't have the scan around 12 weeks now due to being able to date me from the scan today, which I am a bit disappointed with as 11 weeks seems so far away to say baby again, but I am happy that I have the reassurance of knowing everything is ok at the moment.

    Thank you for your support, it really does mean so much.

  • Oh I'm so glad for you Sammi. It must have been such a relief for you to see baby wiggling away like that. xxSara
  • Glad everything was ok hun, what a shame about 12wk scan!!! Even though they were able to date you arent they supposed to take other measurements at 12 wks when baby is formed?? xx
  • So glad everything is okay! Really really really chuffed for you. I was thinking about you today and so pleased to hear good news. It must have been wonderful seeing your little wriggler!
    It is a shame about the 12 week scan - can you try and push them to let you have it? My hubby is very pushy and hard to say no to... so I usually let him speak to the midwives! lol.
  • im glad everything is ok hun! i agree, its is a shame they wont let you expereience the 12wk scan!
  • I'm glad that everything is OK with bubs. If it helps, I had some bleeding at 7 weeks and was told I had a chorionic haematoma, which at that time was 2.5x the size of the baby (obviously the baby was tiny at that point, can't remember quite how much but I only measured 6+6). On my next scan at 9 weeks it had shrunk, and at my 12 week one it had disappeared completely. I was told to expect more bleeding but thankfully didn't get any.

    It's not fair that you don't get a 12 week scan, they didn't want to give me one either, only gave it to me when I said I wanted the NT test which I had previously declined.

  • Thank you for your lovely words, it really does make me feel better coming on here image

    It was amazing seeing its little stumpy arms waving and I'm desperate to see it again. I have my booking in appt with MW on 12th May so I'm going to ask then about another scan as they didn't do the NT test thingy anyway, which I wasn't too bothered about actually but if insisting I have it gets me another scan I shall insist and push for it until they have no choice image


  • Thats great hun, it is amazing.

    Yea I would feel the same about the 12 wk scan I think they should give you one anyway despite wether youve had to have an earlier one, they still need to offer you the other tests etc. xxx
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