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What happens next

Hi Ladies,

Me and husband have been TTC for around 18 monts now. I am booked in to have my third and final set of blood tests taken nect week to check ovulation. I did not ovulate by the first tests but did by the second tests.

I was just wondering if you knew what happened next if these tests come back next week that I have not ovulated. Hubby is due for his tests at begining of June.

We have bee looking on quite open minded but it is really getting to me now - hubby has worked late
all this week when I am due to be ovulating, stupid criminals. I poured by heart out to my friend today and could feel the tears coming - so far I have been good, nott stressing about it. But come on, give us a break.

Thanks ladies.



  • Hi Princess1502

    I dont have the answers just wanted to say i know how you feel, its the not knowing what next that gets to me. I dont really understand what the steps are and i feel my doc thinks im just a silly girl!!

  • Hi Princess1502,

    Im not quite sure what happens next after you've had your bloods done. I am in a semi similar situation, I have had some bloods to monitor my hormone levels (as i have PCOS), a HSG to check my fallopian tubes and OH has had and SA done. I have had some results but needed to have some re tests so in the process of waiting again.

    I have been told by the fertility clinic that until they have the results they don't know what they will need to do so i think its just a waiting game.

    Hope everything works out well for you.

  • hey Princess

    i have PCOS and i have had tests and they said they don't need to do any more tests so have no idea what your consultant will have in mind but it goes like this bloods then you have an internal to check your ovaries and if they are not Poly cystic they will check your tubes and then see what O/H S/A is like then discuss treatment or where you go from there

    Good luck xxx
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