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Best toys to allow toddler to play by themselves

Hi everyone,

I'm just after some advice.
Ruby never really plays by herself, and on the occasion that she does she looses interest in minutes.

Do you have any ideas on what sort of toys I should be introducing to encourage her to play without me?

i hope this makes sense!

Thank you,
Amy xx


  • I cant remember how old ruby is, bt my lo turns 2 next week. I remember thinking to myself the same thing. However, since getting her the happyland farm for Christmas she has played with it really well. She has had an early birthday present which is the happyland house, both have been a good buy. She plays with these the most on her own in the house. She will sit and read books if tired before bed. The only other thing that I would say she plays with for more than a few mons is her duplo.

    Loving the sunny weather as she happily amuses herself outside so I can do some gardening!

    Please remember that they all develop at different rates image
  • Lego duplos - my boy loves them!
  • Thank you ladies!
    Happyland sounds like a great idea. I've just been on ELC though and there is sooo much to choose from!
    I'll have to take her in the shop and see her reaction to them and let her choose image

    She has duplo but I put it away as she wasn't interested but i'll try that again now!

    Lara - Yes we are very well thank you image
    I'm so busy with my little crafty business that I don't get enough time to come on here much at the mo image I'm really enjoying it though and everyone seems to be happy with what i've made them!

    How are you and Chloe?x
  • millie has a mini kitchen and got lots of plates and bowls and cups she pretends to cook food and plays for ages with it, shes nearly 20months xx
  • I agree about Happyland and books. Also what about Jigsaws. Kara loves her jigsaws and would play on her own with these for ages. She also loves reading books although she does tend to prefer to read these with someone else. Megabloks is also great.
  • Zachariah enjoys interacting when playing too but his 2 favourite things that can keep him occupied alone are a kitchen with pots and play food or his story books (he loves having them read to him but sometimes he will happily sit and flick through the pages himself)
    mega books never worked in our house and I've got sone happyland stuff hidden away for Christmas but not much interest yet .... He's 2yr4mth
  • Paul is 2 and half now but he loves any little toys like happyland, with the little houses as ther is so much imaginative and exploring play to have with these.
    Paul also loves to draw, I would give him tiny flip books and a pencil in his chair/buggy or just on the floor as soon as he could hold them and he will sit for ages and ages just drawing and turning the page.

    I normally start off the game so we play together then I just leave him to it he plays for ages on his own its great.

    Outdoor toys are also great now that the weather should be picking up, we've just got a sand and water table from Homebargains for ??14.99 bargain and loads of accessories with it too.

    Sometime though a bucket of bubbles and a sponge and he washes the patio door for ages haha he does a good job too
  • Amelia LOVES happy land. She sits for ages putting people in cars, fairies in houses etc..
    she loves her baby too. she puts her in the pram and pushes her around. She has a little tikes kitchen (handed down from her siblings) and she goes and 'cooks' dinner for her baby and then feeds her. She likes to sit and read too.

    Glad all is well with your business. I am looking forward to sorting my order once I know house is going through. I want all their names and something like a wall art plaque to hang above all their lovely art work..

    d x
  • Ruby sounds like Isla, I wish she'd play more on her own! Isla loves legos but unfortunately we don't have them, she plays with them at my bros house! She has megablocks and isn't interested in those for some reason so I was thinking of buying a pack and see how it goes.... Does Ruby play with toys really well at someone elses house with one toy, but when the toy is at home she doesn't play with it? My stinker does that all the time but fingers crossed legos work!

    thanx for posting, I was wondering the same thing....
  • Yes frilypink!! She has a little postman pat with his van toy at my Mum's house and will play with it for aaages! Just putting him in and taking him out!

    My Mum has suggested that maybe she is just bored of the toys she has and said to maybe put some away and rotate them every few months.

    I've just though actually that our neighbours have a 7 year old and whenever we're round there they both play with her dolls house. Ruby doesn't have one as I thought she'd be too young for it but maybe she needs this sort of thing and she's just outgrown her toys?!

    Thank you so much for the Happyland suggestion!!
    We went for the farm and it's been a huge success!!! So thank you sooooooo much!! I'll look into getting the storage box that opens up to a play mat soon and hopefully get a little collection going over time! xx
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