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FAO KayeCee!

Hi hun,

Hope you and Matilda are well and that you don't mind me putting an FAO up for you!

I was just reading through the feeding support thread and I noticed a comment you'd made about hoping your milk supply increased now that you had started pumping and just wondered if it had? Sorry to be nosey, I have woken up with the worlds sorest nipples today and so have given pumping a go for the first time. I got just over 4oz which I think is OK but I wondered if things would speed up a bit?!!! Hope pumping etc. is going well for you now - did Matilda take OK to the bottle? I'm not sure what Benjamin will make of it after nearly 4 weeks of boob...guess I'll find out soon when my critter wakes up starving!!

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend!



  • Hey Ruth! My milk supply is still pretty low! I suspect (after talking to my mum) that meds I am on for high BP may be affecting it. I am lucky to get 1oz in one session (and that's using a double pump!) so 4oz sounds like gallons to me! We manage to give Matilda one of her bottles a day which is breast milk. It's not great but at least she is getting some. She really struggled on the breast so took to the bottle fine.

    My issue as well is keeping them stimulated as that increases supply. I guess because Benjamin is doing that for you, your supply should stay pretty consistent.

    Have a good weekend too! x
  • Thanks for that hun, sorry you are struggling with your supply but like you say, at least she is getting some and every drop counts image xx
  • Have you thougt about using something to help increase your milk supply Kayecee? You would have to talk to your Dr if you are on meds, but the herbal remedy Fenugreek is great for increasing supply, I took it with DD and am taking it again now to help boost my supply whilst I'm pumping as Ethan is still struggling to get the hand og the boob.

    There's also a medication called Domperidone which is prescribed for sickness but has the side effect of boosting milk supply, your Dr may be happy to prescribe this if your meds are causing low supply, but talk to him before taking anything to make sure it's compatible with your current medication.

    Do you mind me asking what medication it is (blood pressure, yes?). I have stopped taking my Labetalol that I was on for pre-e befor ehe was delivered and for the first time my boobs are leaking between feeds! I wondered if there was a link.
  • Hi Mrs S! It IS Labetalol and my consultant assured me during pregnancy that it was compatible with BF. I was on something else pre-preg so will go back this week and see if he can get me on something else. I am pretty sure it is suppressing my supply.

    I've heard of Fenugreek (think we bought some to put in a Thai curry a while back?!) so will look into that.

    Thanks as always! xxxx
  • You can get handy fenugreek capsules from Holland & Barrett etc.

    I am v cross about the labetalol because I asked, several times, if it was contraindicated in BF and was blithely told no!!!
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