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A Dreadful Day!

I am having the worst day today!

Holly-Kate will not stop crying- despite being fed, changed, rocked, taken for a walk- I've tried everything! I'm not feeling great today either and have been really tearful and in quite a lot of pain down below (sorry TMI). It didn't help that my husband had to go to work this morning (even though he's only supposed to do weekdays) then he got home and then went back out to take his best mate to town. He said he would only be an hour (this was at 9.45am)- then home he comes at 1.45pm and wonders why I'm in a bad mood! He thinks I'm just being awkward and doesn't think that it could be the fact that our baby daughter has done nothing but scream since this morning.

I've just changed and fed her again and she still won't stop crying! I've just given her to him and now he's sat in the other room with his best mate trying to calm her down. I feel like telling him to clear off for a few days because I just can not bear to be around him (I know that sounds terrible!).

I feel totally hopeless today! I'm sorry- I know I'm feeling sorry for myself but I'm having so much trouble coping today.

Sorry for putting a downer on everyones day there's no need to reply, I just really needed to vent.

Kim xx


  • Didn't want to R&R. Sorry to hear you're having a bad day. Hope things get better soon and Holly-Kate becomes more settled.
    Karen x
  • Kim

    Just wanted to say hope things are a little better now. I had similar issues through the night last night and today and felt exhausted with it.

    Try and have a sit down and tell your hubby how you are feeling.

    H xx
  • Hi hun
    how are things this evening? Better I hope.

    I completely understand how you feel, we had a TERRIBLE night last night, Etienne did not sleep a wink, and screamed with colic for hours. Its SUCH hard work, and can feel so lonely and exhausting. I am shattered today as a result.

    I also understand why you'd be frustrated with DH for disappearing for several hours. I'd say have a calm chat with him and explain why you need the extra support at the moment. Men often just don't get it, and need it spelling out. Tell him what you need and expect from him.

    The way I get through phases like this is to tell myself it won't last forever, its just a stage and it will ease. I also insist DH takes over even for just half an hour to give me some breathing space and a little respite. Today I got out of the house for an hour and left DH with bubs. It's allowed me to come back feeling a bit brighter and more able to cope. It's worth trying if you can.

    You are not alone, so many new mums have to deal with this, and feel the same upset and exhaustion.

    Look after yourself and I hope things have settled a bit now


  • PS

    a few things we tried last night which helped;

    1. a warm bath for bubs

    2. a hot water bottle with warmish water in, wrapped in a towel on her tummy

    3. Gripe water.

  • A warm bath can help and singing to her. You can't give a baby under one month Gripe Water but you could try infacol or detinox if she is windy.

    In the first couple of weeks, I also felt like telling my OH to leave but that's just your tiredness talking. That said, he has been very insensitive. Why not give him the baby for 2 hours and have some YOU time. Either go out for a walk and a coffee or get some sleep - but he has to agree that he doesn't disturb you. My OH has just gone out running for an hour whilst I look after Amelia - but the deal is I get an hour to myself when he comes home.
  • aw sweetie I feel you're pain. Blake was exactly the like this the other day, nothing would settle him, which was so unusual as he is such a contented baby.
    In the end, we got some infacol, and it worked miracals. I now have my happy little boy back.

    We're all in the same boat hun, so if you need to vent, then feel free, thats what we're here for.

  • Thanks for all of your replies.
    It has been a rough couple of days as Holly-Kate has been quite unsettled but I did go and buy some Infacol and it has worked really well- she is more settled and is taking more of her feed which means she sleeps for a bit longer and is bringing her wind up more easily.

    I need to try and get her body clock more in tune with ours though. She seems to sleep all day then wants to be awake all night but I guess this will get better with time.

    Kim xx
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